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Best Supermarket for Meeting a Comedy Superstar


Want your supermarket BLT with a celebrity sighting on the side? Then head to the Chelsea Gristedes and you may find yourself in the same checkout line as Sasheer Zamata (SNL), Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show), or Zach Woods (Silicon Valley). Underneath the grocery, the UCB offers live improv and sketch comedy every night of the week. Since you’ll have to wait on 30-to-45-minute lines for great seats, duck into Gristedes for refreshments — but remember, don’t be “that guy” if you run into Horatio Sanz or Amy Poehler grabbing a gallon of water before a set. (Hydration, yes; stalking, no.) There’s always a chance you’ll have a brush with comedic greatness at or above this basement black-box theater: Years before Aziz Ansari landed on Parks & Recreation and Master of None, he hosted alt stand-up nights at UCB. Inside Amy Schumer and Girls writer Tami Sagher is also a top improviser who appears regularly at UCB in “Tami and Shannon Have Friends” and “Gravid Water.” You never know which comic will land as a writer or performer on your future fave TV show, movie, or web series — or who’ll end up back at Gristedes getting chips and salsa to ward off midnight munchies after doing Sunday’s ASSSSCAT show. Comedy Central’s hit Broad City started as a web series that Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer created while taking UCB classes — perhaps Molly Cahen and Ariel Karlin, the smart, canny young women behind the recent sketch “Eggs for Sale,” will be similarly beloved in five years.

307 West 26th Street, Manhattan