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Best Tim Burton–Themed Bar


Theme restaurants are usually horrific, even (especially) when they intentionally try to horrify, like Jekyll & Hyde Club. On the other (disembodied) hand, there’s the creepy/kitschy restaurant Beetle House NYC, which is surprisingly cool and boasts a hip East Village address. As for a theme, you could do way worse than having Tim Burton as a touchstone — though Beetle House would like you to know that it is in no way affiliated with the twistedly talented director. The place is not what you might be imagining: It’s intimate, not cavernous and tourist-packed, and the staff, food, and drinks are all up to par, if not above. Drinks, or “custom-made poisons, potions, and elixirs,” include a Barnabas Collins made with Bulleit Rye and the This Is Halloween, which contains holiday-appropriate ingredients: Fireball, pumpkin liqueur, and Sour Apple Pucker. Meat lovers, don’t miss Edward Burger Hands or Sweeney Beef. Fun lovers, give it a try. 

308 East 6th Street, Manhattan