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Best Ultra-Underground After-Hours Party


If you’re a dance music aficionado who wishes the party would never end, Unter will be your salvation. Seva Granik (the Russian-born producer of underground raves like Shade) has brought a vision of European after-hours techno bliss to Brooklyn. The party, which Granik co-created with the now-departed Eryk Sarniak and which just celebrated its one-year anniversary, generally takes place in small basements or warehouses, starting at 2 a.m. and going till well past sunup. What makes Unter unique is that people go there to dance, not to take selfies (photos aren’t encouraged) or find a hookup (though if that happens it’s an added bonus). The crowd is a mix of every type of New Yorker, fostering a utopian feel that’s hard to come by at your average local club. International and hometown underground DJs play varieties of techno and house from minimal to acid. Unter has also partnered with legendary Brooklyn techno-head party the Bunker to throw several debauched 36-hour raves at different locations around Brooklyn, bringing DJs like Berlin’s Rødhåd and Brooklyn’s Volvox.