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Best Use of a Cartoon Pig to Sell Pork


For some reason, pork stores seem to love advertising their businesses using adorable cartoon pigs. Whether hand-painted on a storefront, glowing in neon, or smiling on a takeaway tub of antipasto, these hogs are happily hawking, among other things, their own inherent tastiness. While in theory this should turn people off (who would want to eat something so cute?!), instead folks often become downright devoted to their favorite salesswine, from the crown-wearing “King of Sausage” pig at Bari Pork Store in Gravesend to the various porcine sculptures at G & S Salumeria. The one hog to rule them all, though, is the anthropomorphic pig sculpture that greets guests each time they enter G. Esposito & Sons Pork Store in Carroll Gardens. The height of a large third-grader and dressed up in a blue smock, apron, and toque, the pig wears a firm expression that lets you know he means business about low prices, but his oversize ears and impressively glossy sheen make him a hit with the neighborhood kids. Perhaps, someday, he will have another life-size barnyard friend to keep him company — a cow wearing a chef’s coat, perhaps? — but for now, the pig stands alone as a beacon of pure hammy delight. Sarah Baird

357 Court Street, Brooklyn


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