Steve Brodner Illustrates the Highs and Lows of the Final Presidential Debate


Throughout this harrowing election cycle, artist Steve Brodner has been illustrating the spectacle — including both conventions — with characteristic humanity and wit. Last night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met on the debate stage one last time, and there was no shortage of jaw-dropping gems. See them all through Brodner’s pen.

Trump may turn out to be a Vladimir Putin performance project gone awry.

Trump’s Emmy is waiting…for a much larger production than he’d imagined.

Trump’s unwillingness to concede may go to extremes.

Every mention of Trump’s Las Vegas hotel gave Clinton the opportunity to flaunt Trump’s Chinese Steel.

Trump’s suspense movie may end up inadvertently energizing his base.

Moderator Chris Wallace and Trump found common ground with familiar FOX newspeak.

Trump exclamations about respecting women make sense only if the word respect can be somehow redefined.