Trump Hates the New Doc About His Dumb Scottish Golf Course


With only days to go before the glorious and inevitable coronation of the Trumperor (long may he reign!), the dishonest media had to get in this one last cheap shot, in which Europeans try to interfere in our electoral process. Sad!

It’s bad enough that no-talent, un-entertaining filmmaker Crooked Anthony Baxter somehow traveled back in time to try to sabotage the great Trump campaign with a movie in 2011 before the election even began, but now he’s made a sequel nobody wants. What’s going on? Trump’s golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland is the greatest, just terrific, and who cares if a handful of local people in their ugly houses got their water cut off and never had it restored in five years? They’re filthy pigs, let me just tell you.

Such a shame that, in the new movie, when Crooked Anthony brings some of the locals to the Republican National Convention, they don’t appreciate it. Look, nobody ever said we’d make Scotland great again. Just the golf course, which as this lyin’ film points out, is soon gonna expand and knock the crap outta these people’s houses and property. Bigly. Even Donald Jr. doesn’t escape the horrible, just horrible bias at work here when he’s made to look bad because of things he actually said but obviously didn’t mean. The guy shoots elephants for fun while donating his shoes to Africans! Give me a break.

If you don’t know who to vote for by now, whatever you do, don’t see this movie. It’s only going to tell you bad things. We’re having fun here, right?

You’ve Been Trumped Too
Directed by Anthony Baxter

Opens October 28, AMC-Loews 34th Street