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Mayor de Blasio Meets With President-Elect Trump: ‘I Tried to Express to Him How Much Fear There Is’


Our great leader’s magnanimity knows no bounds. This morning, while his transition team was busy plotting the final privatization of our public schools and securing top-level security clearance for his predatory-slumlord son-in-law, president-elect Donald J. Trump granted an audience to our humble mayor.

“The purpose of the meeting was for me to assert to him the concerns of New Yorkers,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters outside Trump Tower after the meeting. “My job as mayor is to be their voice, and to give them perspective on what NYers are feeling right now, what their concerns are, their fears are.”

The mayor added, “I tried to express to him how much fear there is. How much fear there is in communities all over this city.”

Trump reportedly met with de Blasio alone, without staff, and the conversation lasted over an hour. Speaking to press on the sidewalk outside afterward, de Blasio did not presume to convey anything his Trumpness had imparted, but assured reporters that he had relayed the feelings of the great one’s subjects here in New York.

That list of concerns, per de Blasio, sounds a lot like the platform he ran on three years ago, and the one he’s likely to run for re-election on next year: insufficient regulation of Wall Street, unfair distribution of the tax burden away from the rich, the evils of stop-and-frisk policing, and the dangerous stratification of our city and our nation into the haves and the have-nots. The mayor also said he warned Trump that the city’s police believe that their mission will be compromised if they are asked to assist in identifying, reporting, or deporting undocumented New Yorkers.

And de Blasio said he reminded the President-elect that some 900 members of the NYPD are themselves Muslim — information that may be of interest to those inside Trump’s transition team planning a Muslim registry.

“I reiterated to the president-elect that I would be open-minded as we continued substantive discussions but that I would also be vigilant, and I would be swift to react any time action was taken that would undermine the people of New York City.”

Some reporters were concerned that this exchange might not have been adequately deferential.

“It almost sounds like you lectured him, in a way,” a television journalist called out. “No!” de Blasio insisted. “This was a respectful meeting.” The mayor was only doing his job, he said:”My job is to make crystal clear what’s happening out there in this city. I said on Wednesday, even though I have very real differences with the President-elect, he is a New Yorker, and I think he loves this city.”

Asked if he had told Trump he needed to rescind his appointment of his fascist advisor Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, de Blasio said he had raised “my deep concerns about Mr. Bannon, the fact that many people are afraid because of the things they’ve seen in Breitbart News, and the fear they have suggested divisive policies.” Trying again: Did he ask Trump to rescind Bannon’s appointment? “Again, I made my views clear.”

Whatever differences they may have, de Blasio assured the press, won’t stop him from working with Trump in other areas. “On economic issues, as I said on Wednesday — infrastructure is the most obvious — I can simultaneously have my own beliefs, my own concerns, but be ready to work with the president-elect on the issue of infrastructure,” de Blasio said, “because it would have a hugely positive impact on millions of people in this city…. So that’s one area where if these plans are consistent, its an area where we can work together.”

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