Cuomo Not Even Bothering To Call The Mayor By His Actual Name


Hot off last Friday’s deadly stand-off over the fate of a hapless deer, it appears that the long-standing feud between Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is only escalating. Today, the two found themselves in the rare situation of being in the same room, as New York’s delegates to the electoral college met to cast their votes. Cuomo chaired the meeting. De Blasio was relegated the uncool side of the room.

There, Cuomo delivered what may be the most elegant, economical, vicious ethering ever seen in politics:

“The chair acknowledges the Honorable William de Blasio,” Cuomo said.

Catch that? William de Blasio. Which is not the Mayor’s name.

The mayor was born Warren Wilhelm Jr., but in college he changed his legal name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm.  By the 1990s was going by Bill de Blasio, a change he formalized in 2001. The mayor’s friends know all that. But as Cuomo made clear, he’s no friend:

Asked about Cuomo’s icy stiletto to the heart afterwards, Cuomo’s senior deputy communications director, Rich Azzopardi, shrugged the incident off. “Looked into it,” he said. “The name was incorrect in the script. That is all.”

De Blasio’s press secretary tried to play it cool as well. “It would be impossible for us to care less,” Eric Philips said. Which is probably true, because team de Blasio is dead and can’t care about anything anymore.