Fight Fascism With Good Music at These Upcoming Benefit Shows


In a post-Trump social climate, it can be easy to get down on yourself for enjoying the art and culture that you love. Scrambling to spend $75 to see a bearded millionaire coo neo-folk hymns in a multi-million-dollar converted warehouse can seem trivial when New York’s LGBT youth are homeless at alarming rates, state legislatures are passing unconstitutional abortion laws, and Muslim women are being attacked in public across the country.

But being a music fan and making a difference are not mutually exclusive. Over the next few weeks, New York musicians are putting their money where their mouths are and donating their time to raise money for various causes and organizations that fight for social justice, whether that be through education, health, law, or activism. Helping out is easy—just buy a ticket, show up, and show your support. We’ve collected more than a dozen such benefit shows happening in the city over the next few weeks, with links to the organizations they’re supporting. And if you like what you hear, consider direct action—these organizations could use all the help they can get.


Shunklings, Birdbird, Shake, Beeyotch, Dog Petter

Silent Barn

8 p.m., $8

Standing Rock

Dead Sexy Sheila, Dances, Sic Tic, Lola Pistola


8 p.m., $8

Planned Parenthood

Language, Total Slacker, Jemez,


8 p.m., $10

Oakland Fire/Trans Assistance Project

Pharmakon, Drew McDowall, DJ Richard, Bookworms, Ciarra Black

Saint Vitus Bar

5 p.m., $15-30


Doctors Without Borders

Runny, Mighty High, The Star Spangles, Trashy, The Whores

Saint Vitus Bar

8 p.m., $12


Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQ Youth

David Grubbs, Anastasia Clarke, Max Alper, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Julia Santoli

Knockdown Center

8 p.m., $10

Standing Rock

The Phantom Family Halo, Mystic Ruler, Mega Bog, Jib Kidder

The Park Church Co-Op

8:00 p.m.


Sean Mcverry, Birch, Jackie Mendoza

Shea Stadium BK

8 p.m., $8


ACLU/Planned Parenthood

Sharon Van Etten, Beirut, Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear), Kevin Morby, Hand Habits

Music Hall of Williamsburg

8 p.m., $40

ACLU/Planned Parenthood

Helado Negro, Beirut, Daniel Rossen, Kevin Morby, Ruth Garbus

Rough Trade

7 p.m., $30

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