The Procrastinator’s Guide to Foodie Gifts This Holiday Season


Combining Nick Morgenstern’s love of ice cream and aesthetics, his Rivington Street parlor has dropped a 2017 “Sorbaes” calendar shot by Blaise Cepis, and flush with cheeky, ice cream-themed pin-up shots. The calendar is on sale for just $10, and the shop’s open until 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Plus, last-minute shopping is a great excuse to try one of Morgenstern’s new hot chocolates in flavors like white chocolate durian and Szechuan milk chocolate.

West Village bakery Mah Ze Dahr’s mouthwatering display of chocolate chip cookies, toasted coconut bread, and brown butter blondies makes it difficult to choose just one sweet. For those who can’t, there’s MZD’s “black card.” It’s actually a numbered brass key fob, only sold in the store. The $300 chit gets you one baked good each day for a full year. Drop by the bakery on the daily, and the black card will pay for itself by Easter.

If you’re craving a savory way to stress-eat your way through Christmas Day… and/or you need a host gift, two of the area’s finest bakers are cooking up last-minute holiday loaves. Pam Yung, formerly the chef of Brooklyn’s Michelin-starred bread and veggie mecca Semilla, is only taking 50 orders before the weekend. And this Friday, Dan Richer, the chef-baker of Jersey City’s Razza Pizza Artiginale, will be repeating his Thanksgiving run of wood-fired onion breads, available at the restaurant from 5:30 p.m. onward.

Contemporary artist and Canadian-New Yorker Chloe Wise just published her first self-titled monograph featuring still lifes, portraits, and sculptures that challenge the way women and food are portrayed — in both art history and modern consumer culture. While the book won’t see wide release until the new year, the hardcover edition is available now for $60 through Exhibition A.

If you’re looking for an arty gift that’s easier to swallow — and you don’t mind buying into both art history and modern consumer culture — there’s no shortage of limited-edition booze collaborations this holiday season. Fashion world favorite tattoo artist Scott Campbell etched out this year’s artist’s holiday edition bottle of Hennessy, while the German artist Michael Riedel gave Dom Perignon’s 2006 Vintage an op art makeover.

Because the night before Christmas is always better with a silent mouse, visit the new Spring Street location of New Hampshire chocolatier L.A. Burdick. You won’t find these little “mice” trashing your cousin’s advent calendar; on the contrary, these cinnamon, orange, and mocha flavored treats will melt in your mouth. Want something that lasts longer than a single bite? Sniff out their cardamom and vanilla-scented holiday stollen guaranteed to stay fresh into 2017.

Nothing whispers utilitarian elegance like a chambray kitchen apron from New York fashion designer Todd Snyder. The longtime ABC Cocina customer is a huge fan of the restaurant’s former chef Dan Kluger. $98 buys you this durable-chic kitchen staple which the two men created together for Kluger’s newly opened Greenwich Village restaurant, Loring Place.

If your loved one’s uniform is a Supreme tee shirt — and whatever they’re getting for Christmas without a box logo is getting sold on eBay and spent on next Thursday’s drop — they probably live on a diet of instant ramen. And what do you know, the Lafayette Street retailer’s got just the thing for that, too. Pick up one of this season’s hottest sold-out releases, a logo ramen bowl, from the resellers at Grailed. No, they won’t have it on Christmas day, but at least your loved one won’t have to wait in line on Lafayette Street until it arrives.