A Jewelry Designer, a TV Producer, and the Ring That Put Them Together


When Evan Lerner proposed to Bliss Lau five years ago, he gave her a sketchbook. Bliss is a jewelry designer, originally from Honolulu. Evan, a television producer from New York, guessed that the best engagement ring would be one she designed herself. Four years and many sketches later, Bliss now includes custom engagement rings in her line (they’re designed to fit together like puzzle pieces — “a metaphor for a relationship,” she says). Evan holds his own when it comes to style. Now a showrunner for A&E, he worked for years producing What Not to Wear. When the couple got together, “it was seamless” — no makeovers needed.

Evan on his style: “It’s classic and tailored. I try to keep it simple.”

Bliss on her style: “I play with a lot of volume. I might wear a bell-bottom, high-waisted pant or a big tall hat with shorter shorts. And I always wear my own pieces.”

Evan on Bliss’s style: “It’s structured, sensual, with lots of black. She has an awareness of how clothes work on the body.”

Bliss on Evan’s style: “Evan has a uniform: a jacket, a shirt, a pocket square. We have daily outfit review and choose the colors.” Evan: “You’re making it sound so involved!” Bliss: “It’s OK to sound like you try! That’s why you look good!”

Evan’s favorite outfit of Bliss’s: “She very rarely wears jeans, but I like the jeans. She is bold — something I admire.”

Bliss’s favorite outfit of Evan’s: “He’ll wear a small-polka-dot tie with a bigger-polka-dot pocket square, kind of duplicat- ing proportions.”

One piece they share: A Marie Turnor wallet, which unfolds, origami-like, into a single piece of leather. “I bought it for Evan,” confesses Bliss. “Then I stole it.”