For Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria, Romance and Style Go Hand in Hand


Helena and Fabiana met working at a gallery. One year into the relationship, they created a space of their own: Coming Soon, on the Lower East Side. “I love French design from the Fifties and Sixties,” says Helena, a native New Yorker. “I’m more into Italian from the Seventies with a bit of glamour,” says Fabiana, who grew up in Venezuela. “We both love things that are comfortable and well-made,” says Fabiana. When you like someone’s style, says Helena, “you’re probably in sync.”

Helena on Helena’s style: “For clothes, I’ll buy the craziest thing from the collection. In design, I look for conversation pieces that make you smile.”

Fabiana on Fabiana’s style: “My style is more austere. I went to a Catholic school growing up, and the idea of a uniform has stuck with me.”

Helena’s favorite outfit of Fabiana’s: “She has these printed flower pants. She probably wouldn’t have bought them prior to us being together.”

Fabiana’s favorite outfit of Helena’s: “I love this dress of hers that’s kind of an Yves Klein blue. The contrast with her skin is beautiful.”

One piece you share: “A leopard-print sweater from Opening Ceremony.”