NYPD Arrests Staten Island Teenagers For “Reckless Bicycle Riding”


The NYPD arrested two Staten Island teenagers and gleefully confiscated a fistful of bicycles from the group they were riding with yesterday, posting images of their plunder to 122nd Precinct Twitter account as a warning to future offenders.

According to an NYPD spokesperson, police arrested two 16-year-old boys who were riding their bikes the wrong way down Coddington Avenue near 10th Street. Both were charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. One was given a desk appearance ticket, but the other, who the spokesperson said was resisting arrest by “finagling his arms,” was processed at central booking. It’s unclear why four bikes were confiscated when only two boys were arrested.


A police source told the Voice that it’s not that the teens are riding their bikes down the street “like you and me,” but swarming cars in a deliberate effort to sow chaos.

“They band together on their bikes, they bang on the windows,” he said. “They’re very aggressive.”

This account is more or less corroborated by Transportation Alternatives’ Staten Island organizer Greg Mihailovich, who agrees that wheelie-popping teens are a scourge most residents would prefer to live without.

A series of YouTube videos posted under the name “Konrad” give viewers a taste of the types of antics giving Staten Islanders a headache.

But as Mihailovich points out, the precinct’s exuberant tweets attempt to redirect the actual problem at hand, shifting the blame from unruly teens on to bicycles themselves.

“It’s good that the NYPD is keeping them from reckless behavior, but in five years when they get licenses and they’re doing reckless stuff behind the wheels of cars, what are they going to do?” Mihailovich asked. If history is any indication, not much!

The cyclist death toll in 2016 exceeded that of 2015, a slap in the face to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative intended to eliminate traffic deaths by the increasingly unlikely year of 2024.

The teenagers’ bikes have been taken away as evidence, and the NYPD spokesperson had no information on if or when they’d be returned. I wouldn’t hold my breath.