Photographer Sam Shahid Aims To Bring The Gay Seventies Back In All Its Color


A Kickstarter by famed art director Sam Shahid is aiming to bring to realize in living color his collection of hundreds of photographs of gay men in New York in the 70’s and 80’s.

“In the early 1970’s my friends used to call me on Sundays and asked me to come over with my camera and photograph them dressing up, dressing down and just capture their lives and newfound acceptance into society,” Shahid writes on the Kickstarter, which is looking for money to pay for the printing of the book, entitled “”And The Band Was Playing A Gay Tune,” in time for this year’s Pride month.

Shahid’s photos include intimate looks at preparations for Pride parades, weekends out on Fire Island, and gay couples relaxed and intimate in the years before the AIDS epidemic.

“What started with a group of friends, a camera and a bottle of poppers, will hopefully materialize into a beautiful love letter to those friends who have since passed but will forever be immortalized in this volume,” Shahid writes.

Shahid had a tough time finding a printer in the United States for his book, based on its content, and had to go all the way to Barcelona to make the book into a reality.

“Many printers in the United States (and abroad) still will not print gay themed books,” he writes.

So far the Kickstarter is at a little under half of its $35,000 goal. The book will retail at $65, but comes free with a $50 donation to the Kickstarter.

On the photos themselves, Shahid remarks, “they document the struggle of the thousands before, who fought tirelessly for the freedoms and rights that we all enjoy today in this country.”

You can contribute to the Kickstarter here.