It Takes Two: Sara Brown and Mordechai Rubinstein


“I was wearing a Knicks jersey and a fedora, which I thought was the look back then,” recalls Sara, an interior designer. Mordechai, the fashion consultant behind the street style blog Mister Mort, snapped Sara’s photo, and the pair ended up on a date. Ten years later, the newly married couple still goes on them — often in coordinating outfits. “Sometimes it happens,” shrugs Mordechai. “He copies me!” counters Sara. Not up for debate: “We influence each other’s style,” says Sara. “And we don’t take things too seriously.”

Mordechai on his style: “I’m leaning toward ‘man of leisure.’ I grew up an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn. I never knew anything about white style, rich style, Connecticut style, dad style.”

Sara on her style: “I’m definitely tomboyish, and structured but never polished. I always mix in something vintage. A lot of new things are influenced by vintage. I’d rather have the real deal.”

Mordechai’s favorite outfit of Sara’s: “Vintage pajamas she got for me. They look better on her.”

Sara’s favorite outfit of Mordechai’s: “At our wedding he wore a custom silk brocade jacket. It was an authentic Hasid look.”

One piece you share: “Belgian loafers, the uniform of the Upper East Side.”