The Best NYC Shows This Week: Los Campesinos!, clipping., Noveller


Indie pop isn’t a genre known for being confrontational—the sweet vocals and catchy melodies peddled by twee groups are most often meant to soothe, not provoke. But Welsh emo-pop group Los Campesinos! has recently released a new album work that deals not only with the usual internal struggles chronicled in the genre but also, obliquely, with the rise of far right extremism in their homeland. Perhaps we’re finally heading for a soft revolution. For those interested in other forms of resistance, the excellent afrofuturist experimentalists clipping. also play this week, as do some of techno’s early Detroit innovators, revolutionaries in their own right.

Los Campesinos!, Crying
7 p.m., $22.50

Los Campesinos! songs have always functioned as a diary and catharsis for Gareth David, their lead singer, whose angst-ridden lyrics describing love, heartache, disappointment, and self-loathing have dominated their catalogue. But their newest record, Sick Scenes, is written from the perspective of a man who has seen enough to realize that some of the self-destructive cycles he perpetuates might be more painful than they’re worth. The band also expands a little bit outside of its claustrophobic psychosocial bubble — on the excellent, lightly instrumented “The Fall of Home,” they seem to address the rise of nationalism in post-Brexit Britain. Los Campesinos! shows tend to be intensely cathartic affairs, and Sick Scenes offers a few great new choices for their destructively emotional live set.

FYÜTCH, Osyris Antham, Ni-Emah Bugg, Tommy Jewels, Synchro
8 p.m., $5

The Nashville rapper FYÜTCH (formerly Future — he changed his name to avoid obvious confusion) should really be more well known. His rapid-fire rhymes and joyful production immediately draw attention in a landscape of similar-sounding hip hop. This week, he’ll perform for a mere $5 at Manhattan video game gallery Babycastles before an open mic. Try getting that price for a show by the other Future.

clipping., Jason Forrest
Rough Trade
8 p.m., $18 – $20

Los Angeles hip hop group clipping. make some of the most interesting and difficult music coming out of their genre today. They described their latest album, last year’s Splendor & Misery, a mix of electronic production, spoken word, and a space opera narrative, as the story of “the sole survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship, and the onboard computer that falls in love with him.” Critics were divided on the risky work, but the trio’s talent is indisputable, especially for anyone with an interest in black avant garde art and afrofuturism.

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, GOSH, Erica Eso, Reaches
9 p.m., TBA

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk are the Platonic ideal of a Brooklyn DIY band. Most often found playing in semi-legal underground spaces, the group’s music moves between dream pop, surf rock, drone and whatever else they feel like playing at any given time. Their sound is both shambling and surprisingly confident, and their live shows are tight and energetic. Watching them feels like being let in on something ephemeral and secret, too fragile and kind to survive the spotlight.

Regina Spektor
Radio City
8 p.m., $70+

Not long ago, singer-songwriter Regina Spektor was nearly unknown, playing her quirky, sing-song pop in small clubs to hardcore fans. Now her voice is immediately recognizable, even to those who’ve never heard of her. Whatever you think of her slightly askew anthems, Spektor’s memorable melodies have secured a place in popular music that many try to emulate.

Noveller, Egyptrixx, Eartheater
Saint Vitus
8:30 p.m., $13-$15

Sarah Lipstate’s solo project Noveller explores guitar effects and loop pedals with meditative focus. Her contemplative, expansive compositions would work well as soundtracks to quietly beautiful films (Lipstate is also a filmmaker). She plays alongside the mesmerizing avant-folk artist Eartheater and psychedelic dance artist Egyptrixx.

Blkmarket Membership
Carl Craig, Moodymann, Taimur & Fahad
Secret Location

The uber-cool underground techno party Blkmarket Membership—founded by DJs Taimur Agha and Fahad Halder—has earned a cult following since its inception in 2006, thanks to parties that showcase their impeccable curation and exceptionally music-focused crowds. This time, they’ve invited Detroit techno legends Carl Craig and Moodyman to hold down the vibe.

Ecstatic Music Festival: Roomful of Teeth, Nick Zammuto
Kaufman Center
7:30 p.m., $20

On this night, the omnivorous, Grammy winning vocal octet Roomful of Teeth will perform a collaboration with Nick Zammuto, formerly one half of the experimental band The Books. As The Books, Zammuto delved into our culture’s eerie subconscious, mixing found sound clips with of new-classical-inspired composition. Roomful of Teeth’s music encompasses everything from Tuvan throat singing to Persian classical singing. Whatever these artists come up with, it should be fascinating.