Own This Neon Metaphor For Donald Trump’s Presidency, $5,500 OBO


You could note his 53 percent disapproval rating, read the scathing, heartbreaking news reports, and bear witness to the press conferences and executive order signings. But a more perfect summary of President Donald Trump’s first 73 days in office lies in this busted neon sign sitting in a New Jersey junkyard.

The sign, which originally belonged to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, is almost certainly older than the one that appeared on eBay in February. The price of that sign rose to more than $7,000 before the listing was removed after “a dispute regarding ownership of the sign.”

A call to the number in the listing yielded a man who identified himself as Joe. He told the Voice that the sign ended up in his Egg Harbor junkyard “a long time ago.”

“It might have been in the ’80s, when Trump had his first one, they put new signs up. I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

Joe said that while he personally voted for Trump, he does not begrudge a junk buyer’s wishes.

“You can eat on it, shit on it, piss on it, do whatever you want to do on it after you buy it,” he said. “Everybody’s got their thing.”

When the Voice pointed out that $5,500 sounded steep for a broken old sign, Joe replied that he was willing to negotiate.

“Everything can be fixed,” he said, referring to the sign, not the country.