Rightbloggers Shrug At Tax Day Marches — But Thrill To Violence In Berkeley


On Saturday, thousands of Americans attended Tax Day marches in numerous cities to show displeasure with The Leader’s refusal to honor his oft-repeated pledge to release his tax records.

Rightbloggers played it down — but were very excited about another April 15 event: a battle between fascists and anti-fascists in Berkeley, where they took guess which side.

From the run-up, the brethren played off the marches as another effusion of that tiny, irrelevant majority of Americans who disapprove of The Leader (and the even larger, tinier, and more irrelevant majority who think he should show his taxes).

“The Russian conspiracy didn’t go anywhere and neither did the Women’s March so now the left is turning back to Trump’s tax returns,” scoffed American Lookout. “This won’t go anywhere either.”

Nonetheless, American Lookout gave the marches plenty of coverage — focusing, for reasons you can probably guess, on women, such as Tamika Mallory (“belligerent rant”), Maxine Waters (“wacko-bird Rep. Maxine Waters [D-Calif.] went nuts on Saturday”), and Sarah Silverman: “LIKE A BRATTY CHILD: Left Wing Comic Sarah Silverman Demands Trump Release His Tax Returns. . . . She used her whiny, unfunny voice to demand Trump’s tax returns and of course had to use curse words while doing so.”

Silverman enraged others among the brethren as well, perhaps because she makes a living being funny, which they consider impossible for a woman.

“Profane Actress Sarah Silverman Attacks President Trump at Rally: ‘Show Us Your F*cking Taxes,’ ” well-I-never’d Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit; “ANOTHER VILE, CRUDE LIBERAL RALLY.” “Sarah Silverman Shows Just How DUMB She Is At An Anti-Trump Rally!” emphasized Right Wing News. “Liberal Comedienne Loses Her Mind Over Trump Taxes at Rally,” sputtered Lena Dunham, look out — someone’s stealing your crown!

“She called Trump an emotional child,” complained up-and-comer Frank Lea at Right Wing News. “But, if you know anything about Silverman, or have seen her on Twitter, then you know she’s really calling him the things that SHE is. Is this her projecting herself out there, but using Trump as the scapegoat? SHE acts like an emotional child,” etc. (Lea also tried his comedy stylings on the other attendees: “Most of those in attendance literally had nothing better to do, were a washed up celebrity, or have a strange combination of both combined with a sick and demented obsession with Trump’s taxes.” You know, at times like this I really miss Don Rickles.)

“THE NEW BIRTHERISM: LEFT RALLIES TO DEMAND TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS,” headlined Joel B. Pollak at Breitbart — which seems weird as, while birthers (such as The Leader) falsely claimed Barack Obama was born outside the United States, both the existence of The Leader’s tax records and his promise to expose them are well-documented.

What, then, did Pollak mean? “The demonstrators complain that unlike previous presidential candidates over the past several decades, Trump did not release any of his tax returns,” he explained. “Many seem convinced that Trump’s returns would prove somehow that he ought to be ineligible for the presidency . . .”

Pollak did not cite anyone who actually thought that, though he was able to report that “in San Diego, marchers admitted that they would still want Trump out of office if he released his tax returns,” which is pretty crazy, right? Whatever Pollak is getting paid, it’s simultaneously got to be too much and can’t possibly be enough.

Also on Saturday, there was a violent clash in Berkeley, California, between an “antifa” (anti-fascist) group and, apparently, actual fascists — that is, Trump followers fond of Nazi salutes, Pepe-KeK paraphernalia, and loony-right alliances who, their pre-fracas invites and post-fracas bragging show, came to Berkeley purposely (and with “serious backup”) to beat up liberals.

Several people got punched, including a young woman — which really, really excited the fascisti, one of whom celebrated with a music video similar to earlier videos celebrating the punching of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. (Oh yeah, you guys punched a Nazi, well, we punched a chick! Now who’s a big man?)

Some leading conservatives supported the neo-Nazis. “On Saturday in Berkeley, California there was an alt-lite gathering that was counter-protested by antifag communists,” reported the big MRA site Return of Kings. “Supporters on the right showed up in armor and proceeded to beat up the antifags, sending them running for safety.” They also claimed the woman that got punched did “hairy vagina porn.” This is the kind of journalism you won’t get from the Lame Stream Media, folks.

Calling the conflict “OBAMA’S LEGACY,” for some reason, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit gloated, “The Anitfa folks may have met their match. . . . The Antifa goons were so thoroughly outclassed, they were chased down and given wedgies.” (There was at least one wedgie, celebrated by the definitely-big-with-the-ladies “Sargon of Akkad.”)

In the classic right-wing–mood swing manner, Reynolds went from this Sack of Rome dance to a claim of victim status: “See, it’s better if everyone respects everyone else’s free speech,” he said. “If that’s not the norm, then axe handles are a fashion accessory.” This gnomic utterance may refer to a February riot in Berkeley over an appearance by former alt-right pinup Milo Yiannopoulos and imply that it justified the neos’ latter assault on perhaps entirely different people. (Given Reynolds’s Southron heritage, the reference to ax handles is easier to interpret.)

Other rightbloggers also swung between declarations of unfair oppression and glorious victory. On the glory tip were alt-right videographers crowing over fallen hippies, supported by conservative media outlets (“Trump supporters take back Berkeley from Antifa [VIDEO],” “Pro-Trump Ralliers Were Attacked By Antifa In Berkeley, Then Chases Them Out Of Area,” etc.).

On the cry-us-a-river tip were combatants and wannabes complaining that Antifa raised their own fists to them — some even did the “tolerant left” thing that most people know only as a joke. “Numerous videos show Trump supporters being beaten in the streets as police failed to keep the two sides apart,” cried Kyle Olson at the American Mirror. Olson seemed nonplussed that the cops Mother Jones’s Shane Bauer asked about this didn’t answer questions to his satisfaction, despite the fact that he is white and male.

“FREE SPEECH DIES IN BERKELEY,” hollered Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag. “Because the folks at Berkeley is SUPER TOLERANT, the violent ‘anti-facist’ protesters showed up and started shouting down the liberty-minded crowd,” wrote Chicks on the Right. “Who are the fascists now, Berkeley?” (As Steve Martin says to Victoria Tennant at 15:58 in All of Me: You are.) “HORROR: Trump Supporter BEATEN by Agitators at Berkeley Rally (VIDEO),” cried American Lookout. “For being the party that supposedly supports ‘peace,’ liberals sure are by far the most violent group of people in the United States.” Yeah, that’s why brawls are always breaking out at our wine and cheese receptions.

“Tax Day Rallies Result in Crazy Fight Between Trump Protesters and Supporters in Berkeley,” TMZ announced and a bevy of bots astroturfed and mainstream news aggregators unthinkingly promoted (“Tax Day Turmoil: Protesters Gather, Clash in Berkeley” headlined NBC News). The idea seemed to be that Tax Day was, like all opposition to The Leader, some violent, crazy mess you good people should ignore while his steady hand guides us through escalating tensions with North Korea.

Meanwhile in Turkey, Recep Erdogan just enjoyed a slim electoral victory — good news for fans of The Leader because, like The Leader, he’s a power-hungry thug, and, like them, he’s mad at Chuck Schumer. Also, in France, Marine Le Pen, the once-unthinkable far-right candidate, is leading the polls. Looks like the anti-fascists are really going to really have their hands full soon enough.