The Abduction-Torture Thriller Is Back in the Underwhelming “Rupture”


Oh, boy. Here’s something actually punishing from Steven Shainberg, director of the 2002 BDSM drama Secretary. A diluted interpretation of Aughts torture-porn with a film-student appreciation for Gaspar Noé’s color palette, Rupture is a sci-fi abduction thriller that leaves little to be thrilled about.

Things happen pretty fast, with a setup so half-assed you’ll keep thinking, There’s certainly more to this, right? Not really. Meet Renee (Noomi Rapace), a single mother with arachnophobia — we know this because she panics over a spider in the opening scene. Still, we’re led to believe she’s fearless in other ways — this we know because she casually plans on going skydiving while her son is at her ex-husband’s for the weekend. All her plans are thwarted, however, when she is abducted and taken to a Saw-like chamber operated by a group of what I can only describe as hipster torturers (they sport Fifties hairstyles and vintage blouses), who inject Renee with shots and tell her she has “interesting skin.”

We later discover that their mission is to rupture people’s genes and mutate them into advanced beings by making them face their worst fears. So, remember that scene where she freaks out over a spider? Yeah, that comes back. And when it does, it feels stupidly low-stakes in an otherwise not very scary movie that doesn’t even warrant an increased heart rate as Renee attempts to escape. Not only does Rupture not have anything to say about fear or consent; it fails to justify why these people picked her in the first place.


Written and directed by Steven Shainberg

Ambi Group

Opens April 28, Cinema Village