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Alternative Facts! The Wall! You’re Fired! Trump’s Presidency, the Episode Guide


Episode 1: “Inauguration Day”

Donald Trump is sworn in as president — and can’t believe how right he was about the disasters on his plate. 

Episode 2: “Size Matters”

At the CIA, Donald complains that the media got his historic crowd size way wrong; Sean loses his temper in the briefing room; some women organize a march.

Episode 3: “Alternative Facts”

Donald, off the top of his head, puts inauguration crowd size at 1.5 million; Kellyanne creates a popular meme; Ivanka and Jared discover the joys of renting in a new city.

Episode 4: “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Spicer”

Sean’s attempts to make amends with the White House press corps don’t go as planned; although he’s still president, Donald says he feels victimized by voter fraud.

Episode 5: “The Wall”

With Donald trying to decide which of Barack’s disasters to fix first, excitement builds for the wall groundbreaking.

Episode 6: “The Opposition Party, Part I”

Mexico’s president mulls an unusual business opportunity; Donald orders probe of obvious voter fraud.

Episode 7: “The Opposition Party, Part 2”

Donald and Enrique have a tense phone call; Steve gives the failing New York Times valuable reader feedback.

Episode 8: “Foreign Affairs”

For Mad Dog, it’s game on; Reince wonders where he stands; Donald and Theresa rekindle their “special relationship”; VP Mike is a big hit at the March for Life.

Episode 9: “Executive Order”

Donald’s new travel ban sows confusion and panic at airports; Steve gets a seat on the National Security Council; Donald checks in with Vladimir.

Episode 10: “All Together Now”

Donald reveals his plan to “defeat ISIS.” Steve deals with fallout from his promotion; Kellyanne explains the difference between “preventing” and “detaining.”

Episode 11: “You’re Fired”

Facing insubordination from Sally, Donald revives his signature phrase.

Episode 12: “Street Justice”

Sally’s firing threatens to overshadow Donald’s live reveal of Neil; meanwhile, not-yet-attorney-general Jeff wonders how soon he can start.

Episode 13: “History Lesson”

With Melania still missing, Ivanka drops in on the Chinese embassy; kicking off Black History Month, Donald tells nineteenth-century abolitionist Fred Douglass to keep up the good work.

Episode 14: “Down Underhanded”

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Donald reunites with his Creator, Mark Burnett; back at the office, he puts Australia on notice.

Episode 15: “What Happens Now”

Kellyanne speaks out about the Bowling Green massacre; Donald seeks revenge on both Dodd and Frank; Mar-a-Lago prepares for Donald’s first presidential visit.

Episode 16: “The First Lady”

Donald and Melania reunite at Mar-a-Lago; Donald plays golf.

Episode 17: “Super Bowl Sunday”

Donald plays another round and schools a Seattle judge on his misunderstood travel ban; Sean awakens to discover he resembles actress Melissa McCarthy.

Episode 18: “Failing Upwards”

Donald continues to take advantage of the Florida weather in February, while the failing New York Times questions why he sits around in a robe watching TV alone.

Episode 19: “Heavens to Betsy”

Betsy has Mike to thank for her new job; Sean says Donald doesn’t even own a bathrobe.

Episode 20: “Fathers and Daughters”

Already fighting for his so-called Muslim ban, Donald takes on Nordstrom over Ivanka’s clothing line.

Episode 21: “See Now, Buy Now”

Kellyanne learns a valuable lesson in ethics after plugging Ivanka’s clothing on Fox & Friends; Donald gets news about a raid in Yemen.

Episode 22: “The Heat Is On”

Donald fumes at these high-and-mighty judges; a PR fire breaks out in Michael’s National Security office; at Mar-a-Lago, all hands on deck for the Japanese prime minister’s visit.

Episode 23: “Intelligence Briefing”

When an international incident unfolds during his Mar-a-Lago dinner with the prime minister, Donald refuses to move from his regular table.

Episode 24: “We’re Still Here”

Michael is concerned that nobody is helping him put out this pesky fire in his office; Donald must golf.

Episode 25: “Out Like Flynn, Part I”

An uneventful meet-and-greet with a Canadian turns hectic when Michael resigns over conversations with Sergey.

Episode 26: “Out Like Flynn, Part II”

Actually, it turns out, Donald knew that Michael lied to Mike about Sergey; Donald confronts a plumbing issue in the White House.

Episode 27: “Loyalties”

Donald realizes Michael’s betrayal hurts him the most; Reince worries that Steve doesn’t have his back; Steve doesn’t have his back.

Episode 28: “Look who’s talking”

Leaks continue to pour out of the White House; Rex meets with the Russians.

Episode 29: “Enemy of the people”

Scott gets the EPA, the department he always hated; Donald coins an even better new nickname for the fake news, then retreats to Mar-a-Lago.

Episode 30: “West Palm”

Melania returns to Mar-a-Lago for a third straight weekend while Donald golfs; an avalanche warning in Sweden inspires Donald to warn about global Islamic extremism.

Episode 31: “Good Press”

When Sean’s deputy press secretary fills in, reporters can’t figure out if Donald played a full eighteen holes.

Episode 32: “The New Guy”

Donald interrupts his Mar-a-Lago staycation to introduce H.R. as his new national-security guy, trying to put the whole Michael betrayal behind him.

Episode 33: “Outward Bound”

At Donald’s behest, ICE gets to work.

Episode 34: “Transitions”

Ahead of his primetime address, Donald promises tremendous things; Betsy and Sean are immersed in a bathroom crisis.

Episode 35: “Words With Friends”

At annual CPAC gathering, Steve updates plans to dismantle administrative state.

Episode 36: “The Uninvited”

Sean’s invitation-only briefing leads to hurt feelings.

Episode 37: “Talk Is Cheap”

Holed up at the White House all weekend ahead of his big congressional speech, Donald cancels on annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Episode 38: “A Night Out”

The governor’s dinner gives Melania a chance to shine, but Donald derails plans for a partisan-free evening.

Episode 39: “Headspace”

Jeff wonders if he ought to come clean on Sergey, too.

Episode 40: “State of the Union”

Donald touts the progress he’s made fixing Barack’s disasters.

Episode 41: “Carpe Diem”

While Donald basks in glowing reviews, Jeff denies speaking to the Russian.

Episode 42: “Recusal”

A hard day for Jeff has him regretting that conversation with Sergey.

Episode 43: “Interference”

As suspicions grow about Russia’s influence on the election, Jared, Ivanka, and Betsy fly with Donald back to Florida.

Episode 44: “Bombshell!”

Donald tweets “Terrible!” news that Barack was hacking the phones at his New York skyscraper; golf.

Episode 45: “Outrage!”

With golf again on his schedule, Donald demands a probe into Barack’s effort to destroy him with KGB-style listening devices; Jeff navigates an awkward evidence-based situation.

Episode 46: “The Big Fix”

While fixing Obamacare suddenly commands everyone’s attention, Donald wonders if Big Jim at the FBI is still hiding something.

Episode 47: “Up on the Hill”

People can’t stop talking about Jeff, Vladimir, and Donald’s election victory.

Episode 48: “Wiki”

A document dump from an old friend in Venezuela’s London embassy jeopardizes Donald’s focus.

Episode 49: “Negotiations”

Donald finds it easy to maintain his excitement for how great healthcare will be; when Reince’s loyalties are questioned, he wonders where he stands.

Episode 50: “Easy Like Sunday Morning”

Speaker Paul tries to explain the new healthcare plan using PowerPoint, but Donald just knows it’ll get done.

Episode 51: “Cleaning House”

In Washington to fire 46 U.S. attorneys, Donald must find a tee time at one of his signature courses closer to the White House.

Episode 52: “Ryancare”

Despite his powerful PowerPoint, Speaker Paul’s plan appears to suffer from a pre-existing condition; Donald hears through the grapevine that Vladimir is frustrated with him.

Episode 53: “Soylent Green Is People”

Donald orders a thorough examination of agencies everywhere; Tom in Health can’t believe millions would be without insurance.

Episode 54: “Revelations”

When Rachel parades Donald’s 2005 tax return on TV, his team is forced to admit that he once failed to not pay taxes.

Episode 55: “Hawaiian Punch”

Another judge gets in the way of Donald’s travel ban.

Episode 56: “Budgeting”

Donald’s first major budget proposal puts education, foreign aid, the NEA, the NEH, and Antiques Roadshow on notice; Sean goes to the mat for his boss once again.

Episode 57: “Payment Due”

Donald can’t get anyone to agree that Barack tapped his phones; on Mar-a-Lago getaway day, Donald reminds Angela to pay her NATO bill.

Episode 58: “Spring Break”

With the kids off from school, it’s up to Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr., Vanessa, Eric, Lara, and about 100 Secret Service agents to make sure everyone arrives in Aspen safely.

Episode 59: “Golfer’s Delight”

Donald gets in another round at Trump National.

Episode 60: “Fairweather”

Big Jim at the FBI, once a friend, makes matters much, much worse; Ivanka and Jared upset a neighbor by taking her parking spot.

Episode 61: “The courting”

It’s going to take all of Donald’s negotiating skills to get the healthcare bill through the House; Neil endures a hurtful ten-hour inquisition.

Episode 62: “The Devin in the Details”

When Devin shares with Donald what he knows about the Russians and Donald’s campaign team, Devin’s committee co-workers give him the cold shoulder.

Episode 63: “Handshakes”

Donald wishes Speaker Paul had read Art of the Deal; thanks to Devin’s help, Donald is now 100 percent convinced about Barack’s bugs.

Episode 64: “Duck and Cover”

Donald says watching Obamacare explode is the best thing that could happen anyway; Ivanka and Jared’s neighbors wonder why they can’t just use parking cones, like Rex.

Episode 65: “Fore!”

Donald plays round one at his other golf course.

Episode 66: “The Blame Game”

Donald removes Speaker Paul from under the bus, replacing him with Freedom Caucus; more golf.

Episode 67: “The Son-in-Law Also Rises”

Donald takes the eraser to some regulations, but his ace in the hole is Jared’s new SWAT team of private-sector consultants.

Episode 68: “Implosions”

Devin’s co-workers try to paint him into a corner; Sean tells a reporter to stop shaking her head at him.

Episode 69: “Circle of Trust”

Ivanka is excited to start her unpaid internship with full security clearance; returning to the White House as Donald’s opioids czar, Chris enjoys a free meal.

Episode 70: “Reince’s Dilemma”

Reince continues to wonder where he stands when Donald kicks out his deputy, Katie.

Episode 71: “Let’s Talk”

Michael threatens to tell all, but not without immunity.

Episode 72: “Disclosure”

Finally back at Mar-a-Lago after a six-day absence, Donald must decide if he really wants Michael to reveal everything he knows.

Episode 73: “Sunday Morning, Again”

Donald doesn’t like what he hears on the Sunday shows, but then he never does; Donald keeps a golf date with Rand anyway.

Episode 74: “His Own Man”

Jared refuses to let a trip to Iraq change who he is or how he dresses.

Episode 75: “The Plots Thicken”

Donald gets a tip from Fox News about Barack; Mike has a late night trying to save healthcare.

Episode 76: “Frenemies”

As Donald meets with Jordan, Rex and Nikki question Vladimir’s relationship with Bashar.

Episode 77: “Sending a Message”

Donald deals with Bashar, cruise-missile style, while Neil goes clear; with a hard week behind him, Donald retreats to Mar-a-Lago.

Episode 78: “China, China, China”

When Chinese president Jinping comes to Mar-a-Lago for a summit, both Donald and Ivanka must put their personal business interests aside.

Episode 79: “Togetherness”

After successfully brokering a truce between Steve and Jared, Reince feels much better about where he stands; Donald ends a five-day golfing fast.

Episode 80: “Cold War”

K.T., H.R.’s No. 2, gets a new assignment, as Donald weighs what to do next about Bashar and Kim; golf.

Episode 81: “Oil & Water”

As Secretary of State Rex heads to his old Exxon stomping grounds, Bashar continues to drive a wedge between Donald and Vladimir.

Episode 82: “A Very Bad Man”

Sean is in seriously hot water after just trying to make a point about a German dictator.

Episode 83: “Go there”

Against his better judgment, Sean appears on fake-news CNN to apologize.

Episode 84: “Heavy”

Donald drops the mother of all bombs, then retreats to Mar-a-Lago.

Episode 85: “Secret Diary”

Donald’s team decides who comes to the White House is nobody’s business; Donald spends a relaxing day at Mar-a-Lago.

Episode 86: “Silent Night”

It’s tax season, so Donald takes a rare Twitter personal day; golf.

Episode 87: “Bunnies”

On a quiet Easter Sunday at home, Donald and Melania must suddenly uproot themselves and head back to Washington.

Episode 88: “Rolling”

Donald uses the traditional Easter Egg Roll to announce that the country is getting bigger and better; Melania welcomes children to the South Lawn; VP Mike gets this close to North Korea.

Episode 89: “Work, Work, Work, Work, Work”

With foreign policy mastered, Donald rediscovers an old interest, people in factories.

Episode 90: “Where in the World…”

The Mad Dog locates an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean; Jeff tries to get “sanctuary cities” in line; Donald saves a Georgia Republican.

Episode 91: “The Clubhouse”

Ivanka, Jared, Steve, Reince, Mad Dog, Julian, and Vladimir all join Donald on Time‘s 100 Most Influential People list.

Episode 92: “Deductions”

When Donald promises to overhaul the tax system by Wednesday, his team is taken aback.

Episode 93: “Veep Down Under”

VP Mike talks to the Australians about taking in some refugees; Donald tries to add historic tax cuts to his accomplishments.

Episode 94: “The Best Negotiator”

During budget negotiations, Donald drives a hard bargain for his wall.

Episode 95: “Employee of the Month”

At lunch with U.N. ambassadors, Donald singles out Nikki for praise.

Episode 96: “Human Resources”

Ivanka’s “incredible journey” continues at a women’s conference in Berlin; Michael’s betrayals resurface in the form of a speaking gig in Moscow.

Episode 97: “Grand Canyon”

A tax cut promise gets Republicans excited; Donald asks why national monuments have to be so big.

Episode 98: “Sunrise Surprise”

To keep Democrats from shutting down government, Donald begins tweet storm at 4:12 a.m., doesn’t stop until 7:39 a.m.; morning shows pleased.

Episode 99: “Top Gun”

After Donald saves government from going out of business, he heads to Atlanta to cheer on the NRA.

Episode 100: “To Be Continued”

A week in which he changed his mind on some stuff crystallizes Donald’s centennial-day-in-office message: Fake news, folks. Fake news.

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