Fed Up Mr. Met Is The Hero NYC Needs


Going into the current season, the Mets were supposed to make a run for the pennant. Now, at the beginning of June, they’ve completely stalled out amid a flood of injuries, a porous bullpen, and starters too distracted by lost love to throw straight. More than nine games back in the division, and eight games back in the Wild Card, the Mets have become a lost cause, just when the nights are finally getting warm. A Mets fan can really only take so much of this misery, and on Wednesday night, one Mr. Met, of Flushing, had had quite enough.

After sole remaining ace Jacob deGrom was roughed up for seven runs, Mr. Met was caught flipping the bird to heckling fans in the middle of the seventh inning. Look at that grin, that extended finger. It’s perfect. It’s the perfect highlight.

According to the Mets, that specific Mr. Met will no longer be allowed to portray Mr. Met, which is a shame, considering he did exactly what Mr. Met is there to do — represent a glimmer of hope in the face of endless mediocrity. Flipping someone off in the midst of a miserable day is the thing with feathers, that idea that even if you’ve lost control over a situation, you can still say “fuck you.”

It’s also extremely New York of Mr. Met.

And it’s not like Mr. Met was flipping off a wholesome family (like his own). Instead, as the unforgiving Internet quickly discovered, it was someone wholly deserving of that bird.

In extremely Mets fashion, where no drama can be ignored as being somehow beneath comment, the organization hastily made an announcement, instead of just letting a funny event go by unscathed. The sad fact is, there’s no way to know if the Mets will have actually replaced that specific Mr. Met, because we don’t know which person was portraying Mr. Met at the time. The Mets could replace that person, or even just switch them over to auxiliary Mr. Met status (fundraisers and Bar Mitzvahs), and we wouldn’t be the wiser. There’s no accountability anyway, so why even bother? Let Mr. Met flip off a fan. It’s good that he did. In fact, give Mr. Met a raise.

Luckily for us, the Mets take the field again this afternoon, when I fully expect the team to send out a contrite Mr. Met to give a wordless pregame speech on the pitcher’s mound, putting his giant head into his comically large hands, showing as much remorse as a mascot whose mouth is permanently frozen in a smile can. He’ll eat crow for the kids, but that middle finger? That was for all of us.