Haley Joel Osment: What I Really Learned in College


He was just like any other freshman actor at Tisch… except he’d already been nominated for an Oscar

Right before I went to New York for freshman year, I remember getting some [invitation to join] Facebook and thinking that it was part of the NYU directory or something. Like, I had no idea. I started in the fall of 2006 at the Experimental Theatre Wing at Tisch, and I think I really benefited from the fact that we weren’t quite into the world of Twitter and Facebook yet. I didn’t feel like my privacy was being violated, and people were generally really nice. I lived in Rubin Hall year one. I definitely wanted to have that experience, and some of my best friends in the city were people that I met on our floor in the dorm. I’m in New York now, and it’s unique to still be in the same area where you have those formative years in your life. There is this sadness that you’re never going to have the same experience, where dozens of your closest friends are all living in the same few square blocks. I really felt, when that was happening during those years, like, “You’ve got to really remember this the best you can, because it’s the best that it gets in some ways.” Even back then I thought, “I don’t want to just be here for college. I kind of want to be here forever.”