White Collar Office Workers Go Kill Crazy in the Thriller “Mayhem”

Give Steven Yeun more action-movie parts now, please


If The Belko Experiment didn’t sate your appetite for seeing corporate drones murder and mutilate each other, here comes Mayhem, with a wild mix of white-collar beatdowns and bloodshed that will indeed satisfy all the hard-working nine-to-fivers who’ve always wanted to put hands on their most dickish bosses or co-workers.

Steven Yeun — the beloved Glenn from The Walking Dead — stars as a ladder-climbing exec at a consulting law firm who gets set up as the fall guy when the company louses up an account. Before he gets escorted out by security, a virus that turns people — including him — into murderous, libidinous psychos hits the office. The building gets quarantined and a neutralizer is pumped through the vents to calm these poor souls down, but it will take a few hours, and Yeun’s rabidly disgruntled employee has a limited amount of time to reach the higher-ups so he can get his job back — or die trying.

As that synopsis suggests, a lot of insane shit goes down. (We haven’t even gotten to the angry loan borrower — played by Samara Weaving, a/k/a Hugo’s niece — who accompanies our protagonist with a nail-gun.) Indeed, director Joe Lynch and screenwriter Matias Caruso pile on the cubicle-ensconced carnage, often making that top priority above having the bulky, obviously satirical plot make any gotdamn sense.

But I’m sure the movie was made for Yeun (who also serves as executive producer) to finally have a chance to prove he has leading-man chops — and Hollywood should start giving him movie-star, action-hero gigs, like, yesterday.

Directed by Joe Lynch
RLJE Films
Opens November 10, Cinema Village
Available on demand