Introducing (RE)VIEW, Our New Film and TV Newsletter


New York is a town of constant reinvention, and as New Yorkers go, so do their newsletters. That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival today of (RE)VIEW, the Village Voice’s newly refreshed, revamped, refurbished, and reimagined film and TV newsletter.

Like the Voice’s old film newsletter, (RE)VIEW will offer a survey of the week in new releases. But (RE)VIEW’s mandate will be broader and more ambitious as we venture across forms and platforms to explore the latest and greatest in movies, TV, streaming, and other work that’s consumable on screens of all sizes – be they big, small, mounted, desktop, or mobile. Our aim is to be curious and critical, timely and topical, and to help you make the most of your viewing time. We’ll also break down what’s happening behind the scenes with a roundup of the most important stories from the various eclectic worlds of motion-picture arts and entertainment.

More than a quick-hit guide to what to watch, we want (RE)VIEW to be a reflection of the way we watch and how that’s changing, so we want to hear from you. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, fight with us on Twitter, and send your ideas, observations, opinions, critiques, hate mail, and tips to

You can sign up to receive (RE)VIEW here.