News Roundup

Lunch Rush: Jared Kushner’s Big Investment Plans


• A week living inside WeLive, which is definitely not a kinda cult-like piece of the WeWork’s larger plan to monopolize your entire life.

• Tired of a lack of heat and hot water, among other issues, tenants are suing NYCHA the way you might sue any shitty landlord.

• The part of Olympic gold medalist–turned–pro wrestler Kurt Angle’s “rise and fall and rise again” story that the WWE isn’t telling? Its culpability in the whole “fall” part of it.

• The Kushner Companies are looking into buying back full control of debt-ridden cursed entity 666 Fifth Avenue, the kind of smart business move that shouldn’t open Jared up to any more manipulation attempts by foreign governments.

• Lol virulent anti-Muslim hate merchant Pamela Geller has a whole pack of Instagram-famous kids who’ve done their damnedest to hide the fact that she’s their mom.

• No longer a “fucking steamroller,” former governor Eliot Spitzer talks about his new, more crane-like life building a residential development in Williamsburg.

• The New York State fairgrounds gondola is probably staying grounded for another year. Adjust your vacation plans to Syracuse accordingly.

• Staten Island’s district attorney and borough president are interested in bringing a community court modeled after the Red Hook Community Justice Center to the rugged shores of Shaolin.

• Mayor Tall is heading to Atlanta this weekend to talk to union members and that city’s mayor, and you know what that means: I’m substitute mayor until he gets back.

• JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who has a stack of $100 bills where his heart should be, is going to push for the same exact incentive package Amazon gets from whichever state it chooses as the location for its new headquarters.

• Roberta’s is rolling out a #Pizzagate beer, just in case you needed a reminder of what a dumb timeline we live in at the moment.

• As Chick-fil-A expands in the city, New Yorkers are trying to balance their desire for a good chicken sandwich with the company’s anti–gay marriage stance, and are ultimately deciding that there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism.