News Roundup

Lunch Rush: Schools Chancellor Fiasco, Selling the Hudson to Amazon


• Take a little more time to bask in yesterday’s schools chancellor insanity with this timeline explaining how Miami-Dade schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho accepted and then rejected the job of running New York City’s schools.

• While the larger Democratic Party apparatus sits out the fight to unseat members of the IDC (for now, anyway), the Working Families Party has endorsed seven candidates to run against them.

• New York–area airports have some of the worst delays in the entire country, one of the many reasons you should just never try to leave New York.

• Spending an average night with an Uber driver who’s also a news site stringer involves a lot of driving, and hoping you catch something uniquely violent to photograph.

• In the face of objections from a number of local politicians, Coney Island’s Gargiulo’s Restaurant has canceled its upcoming NRA fundraiser and gun raffle.

• The man who helped build Battery Park City wants to give a piece of the Hudson River to Amazon for its new headquarters.

• With the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist in danger of never winning a Stanley Cup, one hockey writer has stepped forward with a bold proposal to guarantee the goalie’s name gets etched onto the coolest trophy in sports.

• It turns out “just arrest a teenager before they commit a heinous crime,” as has been advocated since the Parkland shooting, has been tried before and it’s not always exactly a clean or fair situation.

• The City Council is looking at a bill to more tightly regulate the growth of app-based car services, which makes sense since they’re just taxis by a fancy name.

• The Voice’s Steven Wishnia takes a deep dive into NYCHA’s upkeep problems at one Canarsie housing project, which mirror the problems at projects around the city.

• From the department that brought you “cops parked in bike lanes” comes…cops parked in bus lanes.