News Roundup

All the News That Isn’t Roundups of Oscar Night Tweets


• Over 300 NYPD officers committed offenses serious enough to cost them their jobs, such as selling prescription drugs, using excessive force, and driving under the influence, but still remained on the force, according to leaked internal police files. Fairest city in the world!

• Eventually, one day, Dutchess County executive and Great GOP Hope Marc Molinaro will announce he’s running for governor in public. Today is not that day.

• People all over the city are always restoring old shit in order to make a bunch of money, except in the case of the decrepit Amtrak tunnel from New Jersey to New York, which seems like it’ll just collapse some day soon.

• Amber Tamblyn says some lunatic tried to run her over at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Celebs, they’re just like us!

• Choose your fighter: Airbnb and the hotel industry are backing dueling bills; the former is supporting legislation that would legalize renting apartments for fewer than thirty days, while the latter is pushing a bill requiring users on short-term rental sites to give the addresses of their apartments to city regulators. Meanwhile, a new report shows that illegal short-term rentals are helping to make New York rents so unaffordable.

• The animals have learned from our liberal examples promoting free love, and now Tompkins Square Park is home to a hawk love triangle that’s left local bird watchers aghast.

• While matzo may not be the most ideal thing to have to eat, some residents near a Williamsburg matzo factory say the smoke that comes from making it is also not the most ideal thing to have to breathe.

• One trick to finding good bars is to establish a rapport with bartenders and ask them where they like to drink. You can also feel free to ask me, I’ve got plenty of experience.

• Residents near Governor Cuomo’s Belmont Park development (for which the state may be giving away land for pennies on the dollar to the Islanders owners) say it would jeopardize their “way of life,” while those in Sayville, New York, say the same thing about a proposed apartment complex that would bring 1,300 apartment units to the town.

• Hey uh, is it just me or does this proposed skinny supertall in Midtown West look like a tampon applicator?