News Roundup

Cynthia Nixon Plots in the Shadows, Someone Is Stealing All Our Trash Cans


• Actress Cynthia Nixon, whom you may know from the 1985 Robert Altman teen sex comedy O.C. and Stiggs, has been studying up on transportation policy and may announce a primary challenge against Andrew Cuomo (who hasn’t been in a single movie) any day now.

• Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the Fyre Festival — the two-weekend music festival that was more of a “strand rich people on a Caribbean island” festival — pled guilty to two counts of wire fraud and is looking at eight to ten years in prison.

• Fare-beating arrests in Manhattan were down from 1,472 in January to 622 in February after Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance announced he would no longer prosecute the bulk of the cases. Let’s not build a statue of the guy yet, though.

• Safe streets advocates confronted the mayor outside the Park Slope YMCA yesterday in the wake of Monday’s deadly car crash at a nearby intersection to demand he institute quicker street redesigns, press Albany to add more speed cameras, or do anything at all to slow drivers down.

• Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao admitted that yes, President Trump personally lobbied to nix federal funding for a new cross-Hudson train tunnel between New York and New Jersey, but said it was because the two states weren’t using enough of their own money to build it. That, and not petty revenge, definitely sounds like the Donald Trump we all know.

• Neighborhood upzonings under the de Blasio administration come with some inclusionary housing requirements and stronger tenant protections, but, like under Mayor Bloomberg, also seem to be focused mostly on poor and non-white neighborhoods.

• Advocates say the city’s homeless shelters don’t provide needed services for young adults, so they’re pushing for the city to allow these homeless New Yorkers to stay in the city’s youth shelters until age 24.

• Neither the original nor the new film adaptation of Death Wish bothered to consider the anti-vigilante message of the book that inspired the movies, favoring instead avenging cowboy narratives. Death Wish 3 is still hilariously bonkers, though, fascism aside.

• Members of the state assembly are pushing for New York to study how to bring high-speed rail, which is real, and the Hyperloop, which is a billionaire fever dream until proven otherwise, to the state.

• Local politicians in favor of the Freedom Ticket, a proposed program that would include a subway transfer in the train fare of LIRR riders going from Queens or Brooklyn to Manhattan, say the MTA is ruining the project before it has even started.

• The Mets beat the reigning World Series champion Astros with a walk-off grand slam, and I’m just gonna go ahead and say this one counts for the regular season win total.

• A group of thieves is going around the city stealing trash cans, which means someone out there actually sees value in your tweets.

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