News Roundup

Another Day, Another Subway Explosion; Terrible Men Are Everywhere


• Champion of women Andrew Cuomo, who’s not feeling the heat from Cynthia Nixon at all, is trying to remind everyone about the whole “champion of women” thing and not the “dismissing a reporter asking about sexual harassment in government” thing or the “hiring as a top aide a man who had an affair with his teenage intern” thing.

• Speaking of men in government, a San Francisco assistant superintendent sued incoming New York schools chancellor Richard Carranza in 2016 for allegedly retaliating against her after she called out Carranza for flirting with a woman who wasn’t his wife.

• And for one more, let’s all rubberneck at this extremely normal guy Republican congressional candidate from Midwood who wants to put Muslims in internment camps and thinks women should be paid less because they’re “less talented” than men. At what? Everything, I guess?

• In the era of #MeToo, our beloved #brands are going to have to do more to recognize International Women’s Day than just tweet about it.

• While Mayor Tall’s electric-bike crackdown is a shameful example of beating up on immigrants, don’t forget that the big delivery apps are staying quiet about it despite being partly responsible for the city’s huge upsurge in delivery.

• Ah, just your usual track fire caused by an arcing power cable leading to explosions that create a terrifying ball of fire and cause people to run out of the subway in a panic.

• The Times is trying to make up for the enormous gender inequality in their obituaries section by writing obits of women the paper has previously overlooked, starting today with tributes to journalist Ida B. Wells and poet Sylvia Plath, among others.

• The Park Slope Food Co-op has so many people trying to join that it’s ready to expand, and you know what that means: even more insanely long meetings for people to live-tweet!

• New Jersey Democrats may run both legislative houses, but that doesn’t automatically mean smooth sailing for new Democratic governor Phil Murphy.

• Fun fact: The number of speeding-in-school-zone violations in New York City is so high it’s impossible to list them all in Excel without breaking the software. Hey wait, that’s not fun at all.

• Real estate brokerage Douglas Elliman has made a powerful enemy in Taylor Swift, tangling in court with her over what Elliman says is a million-dollar commission she left unpaid.

• The city might have a problem with every charming neighborhood restaurant trying to be charming in the exact same way. I bet Guy Fieri could fix this.

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