News Roundup

DeVos Gets Pantsed on TV, Ginsburg Does Food Reviews


• A tour helicopter crashed into the East River on Sunday; all five passengers died, but the pilot survived. This was the third crash involving the company Liberty Helicopters in the last eleven years. The pilot is now suggesting one of the passengers may have accidentally tripped the copter’s fuel cutoff switch, thereby triggering the crash.

• While Mayor de Blasio is off talking on panels and trying to see hot new musical acts at SXSW, Governor Cuomo is touring a NYCHA complex in the Bronx to prove he’s a real leader, unlike a certain very tall mayor.

• As he celebrates his 96th year on earth, Marvel mastermind Stan Lee is allegedly surrounded by hangers-on and vultures (no, not this kind) trying to get power of attorney over his finances and roping him into weird schemes like investing in a company that made a lapel pin that was going to solve racism.

• Laugh and cringe at this 60 Minutes interview where Betsy DeVos can’t answer basic questions about the way charter schools affect public schools and admits she has not “intentionally visited” failing schools. Then remember she’s the secretary of education and get real depressed.

• Gentrification in the South Bronx has entered the “everyone is moving there for the cheap office space” phase, and one artist who set up shop there is really hoping the neighborhood doesn’t turn into the next Williamsburg. Good luck with that, man.

• Bartenders have been dancing on the bar top at Coyote Ugly for 25 years now. In other news, you’re old as hell.

• Speaking of old East Village institutions, what’s former Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas up to? Posting links to Alternet, claiming David Bowie was “underground” in the Seventies, praising Bill Maher, and wishing for a kindler, gentler capitalism.

• Developer Related Companies and big-time union Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York are going to war over Related’s attempt to exclude the union from the second phase of the Hudson Yards development, so keep an eye out for even more big inflatable rats than usual.

• Would you like to know how to eat like Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Oh, what, suddenly you’re too good to eat like a foodie/sitting Supreme Court justice? You’ve got some attitude.

• Are you ready for yet another nor’easter? Haha, it doesn’t matter whether you are, because the punishing whims of nature (and climate change) mean we’re getting yet another one this week!

Hey, you seen this gecko?

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