News Roundup

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking, Dems Win in Pennsylvania


• United, not content with being known as “that airline where a guy was bloodied and dragged off a plane,” can now be known as “that airline where a dog died on a Houston–to–New York flight after a flight attendant forced someone to put their puppy in an overhead bin.”

• Joe Percoco, the former right-hand man of Governor Cuomo, was found guilty of fraud and taking bribes from executives who had business before the state. Will it damage Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 ambitions? Who can tell!

• Four people, including a one-year-old girl and a teenage boy, were found shot in the head in a Brownsville apartment. No suspects are yet in custody, and, as the apartment showed no signs of forced entry, police are trying to determine if the deaths were a murder-suicide.

• Democrat Conor Lamb appears to have won a special election in Pennsylvania for a House seat in a district Trump won by 20 points and that the GOP spent huge amounts of money in, but now Republicans are saying they knew they’d lose all along.

• Stephen Hawking, famed physicist and author of the bestselling A Brief History of Time, died early this morning. He was 76.

• Subway riders in Queens, who rely on the Court Square 7/G/E/M station in Long Island City, are worried the L train shutdown is going to overload an already jam-packed station.

• The MTA is being sued by the federal government for a failure to add an elevator to the Middletown Road subway station when it went through a big-time renovation. Who could have imagined the authority getting sued for failing to follow a 28-year-old law????

• The city and state governments, famous for their feud over the New York City’s subway system, get along better when it comes to its buses. So the biggest hiccup to a massive system upgrade, which includes expanding Select Bus Service lines, is a fight with drivers and retail owners over control of contested local streets.

• Noah Syndergaard is going to be the Mets’ Opening Day starter, which is much more fun to think about than David Wright suffering yet another setback with his injured lower back.

• City teens participating in today’s mass walkouts in response to the Parkland shooting see anti-gun activism as just the beginning of their attempts to change gun control legislation.

• Clinton Hill’s Hot Bird, one of the city’s best bars with an outdoor space, is getting replaced by a big dumb condo. Cool, great.

• Here is your New York Mad Libs of the Day: Former governor DAVID PATERSON is suing GUARDIAN ANGELS FOUNDER CURTIS SLIWA and his EX-WIFE MARY over a BOTCHED CO-OP SALE.

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