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Lifestyles of the Rich and Swinish

In 1990 Gary Indiana covered the greed of the greediest, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s first divorce


Over sixty-plus years many fabulous writers have graced the pages, whether in ink or pixels, of the Village Voice. Back in the days of hot wax and X-Acto knives, one of those wordsmiths was Gary Indiana, whose ability to boil blood and elicit guffaws — often in the same sentence — remains unparalleled.

In his March 6, 1990, Spectacle column he turned his sagacious vitriol on a most deserving target — the dissolution of Donald and Ivana Trump’s marriage. In these seven paragraphs we meet a cast of characters that might have come from an Off-Broadway farce: that “incorrigible publicity freak Cardinal O’Connor…a tirelessly carping eunuch”; columnist Cindy Adams, “a shamelessly obsequious birdbrain”; and that “porcine, duck-lipped real-estate mogul” Donald Trump.

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton carried New York City 79 percent to 19 percent over Queens native Trump. As Indiana reported back in 1990, “The Daily News’s ‘Inquiring Photographer’ posed its people-in-the-street question: ‘Had enough of the Trump story?’ Just about everybody had…” Too bad that a quarter-century on, the rest of the country didn’t know what the locals had already gotten sick of.

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