White Cliffs’ Khruangbin Experience

It was their second headline visit to NYC, and the room was so packed that you had to stand up straight.


White Cliffs’ Khruangbin Experience:

Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist White Cliffs told us about his Khruangbin experience.

White Cliffs: The best gig I’ve ever seen would have to be Khruangbin at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in 2018.  It was their second headline visit to NYC, and the room was so packed that you had to stand up straight.  Strangely enough, it didn’t feel annoying, in fact, the mood in the room was just the opposite.  They had a blistering opening set from the Mattson Two (my first time seeing them) and brought Drippy Eye Projections out to do live visual projections from the mezzanine.  Music Hall was one of my favorite venues to see shows because of its perfect little size, paired with a robust and full sound system.

I was blown away by the performance for a lot of reasons.  Both bands were small, either 2 or 3 people.  It allowed for this incredibly easy listening because of all the space. The audience, smiling, swayed back and forth listening and appreciating some of the coolest people doing it.  Khruangbin is such a good rhythm section; they need no fluff or frontman distracting from the perfection.  The music was only half of the show, however.  Midway through the set, Laura Lee picked up a coiled telephone that had the output routed to the front-of-house sound system.  It was such an expert detail for a little spoken word intermission.  At a different point in the set, the band stopped to raise a glass and cheers to each other, the audience, and a couple of people in the front row.  This really just set the tone in the place to one of patient enjoyment.  We weren’t in any rush to get through this concert.  ❖

White Cliffs’ Stockholm EP is out now. The “Kick the Can” video will drop next week.


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