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As a kratom user, you might know the importance of shopping from the best and most reliable kratom vendors. Kratom has numerous health benefits to our bodies. The tropical plant, which grows naturally in Malaysia and other parts of Asia has been used for centuries to cure certain illnesses.

Today, the herbal supplement is taking the world by storm as more and more people continue to discover its numerous potentials which have caused an increase in demand for the product.

As such, there has been a massive upsurge of online kratom vendors. While most of these vendors are genuine and offer high-quality kratom, others are in the trade for the money and to lure unsuspecting Kratomites into their dirty business.

As such, kratom users need to be very cautious when going into business with any vendor. And because identifying a reliable vendor can be a grueling activity, we decided to do the heavy lifting for you.

If you don’t have time to read our entire classification of the best kratom vendors, you can directly check our top pick – New Dawn Kratom. They have been recently voted as the best kratom vendor on reddit in 2021. To thank their customers, they have issued a special lifetime coupon code (THANKYOUREDDIT) that gives 20% OFF any of their products, making them not only the best vendor in terms of kratom quality and customer service but also in terms of pricing.

In this guide, we analyzed and reviewed the top 8 best kratom vendors in the country. We aim to give you a brief overview of each vendor as well as help you choose the best.

Here are the best kratom vendors:

1. New Dawn Kratom (NDK)

A fairly new entrant, New Dawn Kratom or NDK has taken the Kratom market by storm and fits the bill to be at the top of our list of the best kratom vendors.

So what do they offer?  NDK offers high-quality premium kratom at reasonable prices. They also have a rich inventory of Kratom strains that range from classic stains to powerful powder variants. You can get anything from Red Bali to White Maeng Da in various forms. This makes them a great option for people looking where to buy kratom online from.

The vendor ensures that its products are up to the highest quality standards. As such every batch is tested for both purity and alkaloid content. Their kratom is also packaged in a controlled setting to ensure that no contamination occurs during packaging.

Along with that, the vendor is committed to providing its customers with 100% customer satisfaction. For that reason, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.  Luckily, you’ll rarely use the guarantee as the kratom is usually of high-quality, at least according to our experience.

When it comes to pricing, this online vendor offers the cheapest Kratom without compromising on quality. You can buy different strains of kratom online, like the White Borneo Kratom, a rich stain at an affordable price, and you would be surprised with the impressive results. On top of that, they offer discount coupons and free shipping for orders above $39.99 – all of these make NDK the top Kratom source in 2021.

What’s more, the vendor has a responsive and friendly support team. The team takes the shortest time possible to address customers concerns, and it takes minutes for them to respond to issues through an email.


  • They have reliable customer support solving issues within the shortest time possible.
  • Cheapest Kratom Vendor while also ensuring high-quality kratom for its users.
  • It offers a variety of kratom strains at a relatively low price.
  • You can instantly place an order via your email.
  • The shipping process is relatively fast and reliable.
  • They guarantee quality through intense lab tests meaning that you cannot buy Kratom with undesirable amounts of alkaloid.
  • It is easy to navigate the website.


  • Some of their strains are very strong (which is a good thing normally, but you’ll have to adjust the normal dosage).

2. TGM Shop

Established in Canada in 2016, TGM is among the most vibrant kratom vendors offering outstanding kratom in the market.

While the company has a few years to its name, the company has succeeded in establishing a strong following both locally and abroad thanks to its high-quality kratom and excellent customer service.

The vendor conducts rigorous safety tests with 6 samples per 1000 kilos. These tests are conducted to ensure that the Kratom sold to consumers has the right alkaloid content concentration and that it’s free from microbial toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.

That said, this vendor offers different Kratom strains at reasonable prices. You can find Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and extracts from various popular strains such as Bali, Maeng Da, Indo, Sumatra, Malay, and Borneo.

Their prices are also pretty competitive. They also have coupon codes for special discounts. Customers can also enroll in their loyalty program and earn redeemable points that can be used to lower the overall price during checkout.

What’s more, the vendor offers same-day shipping for all orders placed before 2 p.m. EST. Even better, all orders above $49.99 are shipped for free via USPS. For complete customer satisfaction, the vendor provides a 30-day return period for faulty packages – both opened and unopened.


  • They offer high-quality Kratom; hence they have good reviews from consumers.
  • The site has reliable customer support.


  • Some buyers complain that their item took a long to be delivered.

3. Kraken

This vendor is an American Kratom vendor with a top-rated status. That said, all products by the vendor are 100% pure and go through a series of lab tests to ensure they are safe for human consumption.

The products are usually in various forms. You can get Kratom powder, capsules, leaves, and stains. Exclusive products like the Kraken Unleashed are also available on the platform making it one of the best kratom vendors.

When it comes to support, the vendor has a friendly and responsive support team. You can have your issue sorted in the shortest time possible. They also have a return policy allowing you to return the product within 30 days of purchase.  It’s important to note that only unused and defective products can be returned.

They allow same-day shipping when you place an order through the USPS. You need to place the order before 2 pm PST to have it on the same day. Order delivery is via three methods; FedEx, USPS, and UPS.


  • They offer variable products allowing you to pick from over nineteen strains at affordable prices.
  • It is easy to navigate the website of this kratom vendor.
  • The site offers a flexible payment system with a good refund policy.
  • They offer free shipping for products shipped via USPS.


  • You can only buy products from the main website.
  • Very Expensive vendor.

4. Super Speciosa

Are you looking to buy from a kratom vendor with a wide range of strains? Well, SS might be the best place to buy kratom for your needs.

The vendor stocks a wide variety of Kratom strains like Maeng Da, Horn, Kapuas, Bali, and Borneo that you choose from various vein colors.  The various Kratom strains are offered either as regular powders, capsules, or leaves.

Also, if you like to have your product in beverage form, you can grab some kratom tea bags. These products are premade. Hence you can easily prepare a cup without sieving, washing, or tossing your powder.

Their prices are competitive but not the cheapest in the market. But given the quality of their products, it’s worth it. Another beautiful thing when shopping from the top kratom vendors is that you can get discounts and first-time buyers are eligible for free shipping. They also have a reward program that awards 5 points per every dollar spent shaping on their site.

What’s more, from this kratom vendor you can buy their products in bulk and at an affordable price. Also, once you buy from the vendor, you can track your shipment. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When it comes to customer support, Super Speciosa offers quality customer support services when compared to other kratom vendors ranked below them. Your issues can get sorted within the shortest time possible thanks to their responsive and knowledgeable customer support.

5. Kratom Krates

Based in Florida, Kratom Krates is a unique Kratom vendor that also sells its products wholesale – unlike many sellers on our list.  The company is GMP certified and offers different products ranging from Kratom capsules, powders, to variety packs.

The vendor offers a variety of different types of Kratom strains. You can get anything from Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Green Malay, Yellow Maeng Da, and many other popular Kratom strains.

Like other best Kratom vendors, this company is devoted to quality. As such, they source the best quality Kratom from South East Asia. Each Kratom batch is then subjected to a rigorous screening and testing process to ensure that it’s free from microbial toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

When it comes to pricing, their prices are pretty competitive. Also, the vendor offers diverse payment methods. You can pay using credit cards, e-Check, cash on delivery, and Bitcoin for crypto enthusiasts.

What’s more, they deliver products fast. The vendor uses priority mail, priority mail express, and first-class mail. With priority mail, orders are delivered in 1-3 business days, whereas priority mail express delivers orders within 1-2 business days. First-class mail on the other hand takes between 1 and 5 business days.

Better still, they have a 30-day return period. So, if your product arrives in faulty condition or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can have it returned within 30 days after receiving the product.

They also have strong and responsive customer support. Kratom Krates allows you to contact them through email or via a phone call if you want to inquire about their products or if you want to raise any issues with them. It is possible to directly place an order by simply writing them an email which is one reason why this platform qualifies as one of the best kratom vendors.

The site also provides customers access to important information about their services and other Kratom-related products on their blogs. They have great content and you can read about any particular product before proceeding with the purchase, whether you are buying your Kratom in bulk or simple packs.


  • Great quality Kratom products.
  • They allow you to buy Kratom in bulk and sample packs.
  • You can pay using different methods of payment, allowing you to use cash, e-check, and BTC.
  • They have a reliable delivery system.
  • The vendor offers different products at reasonable prices.


  • It is limited when it comes to strains.
  • Quite expensive

6. Kats Botanicals.

Kats Botanicals is another popular online Kratom vendor. Based in New Jersey, this Kratom vendor is popularly known for supplying top-quality Kratom products, CBD oils, and other botanicals as the name suggests.

Just like all top-rated Kratom vendors, Kats Botanicals is dedicated to quality through the use of organic ingredients and non-GMO hemp. As such, each Kratom strain produced by this vendor is subjected to third-party testing to ensure that it’s free from toxins and the levels of alkaloids are adequate.

That said, this vendor offers a broad selection of Kratom strains. You can buy Kratom products traced from Borneo, Bali, Thai, Sumatra, Maeng Da, and other rare Kratom varieties. These products are offered in various forms.  You can get them in powder form or as capsules.

Best of all, their products are not pricy. In fact, it’s only fair to say that they are among the cheapest online Kratom vendors. You can get your Kratom powder for as low as $5.99 for a 20 grams pack and $34.99 for 250 grams pack.

Moving on, the vendor provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee on all its Kratom products. Note, however, that for you to be eligible for a refund or replacement more than 20% of the product needs to be in the pack.


  • Superior quality Kratom strains.
  • Fast shipping and free shipping for orders above $100.
  • The vendor offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee.
  • It facilitates buying of bulk Kratom, meaning you can get the product in great amounts if you want to have a constant supply.
  • They often have special promotions allowing customers to enjoy huge discounts.
  • They have great customer service.


  • They are a bit expensive when compared to other kratom vendors.

7. Earth Vendor

They are one of the recently established kratom vendors, though they are a force to reckon with. They offer an impressive range of products giving consumers an epic experience through various products.

You can get kratom powder, capsule, or extract from the online kratom vendor. For Kratom strains, you can pick anything from Green Hulu, Red Hulu, White, Green Borneo, and Red Kali, among others.

The vendor offers its customers free delivery. You don’t have to pay extra cash when you buy Kratom from the vendor. Like some kratom vendors on our list, the seller offers same-day delivery.

Customers can return the goods within 30 days of purchase if they don’t like the product. It also allows you to apply for refunds on goods returned though you must read the terms and conditions to know whether you can return the product or not.

This vendor has a reliable team that offers responsive and quick solutions to clients’ issues. The team helps you find out more information about the product while allowing you to track your orders. You can access customer support via email, text, or phone call.


  • They have a reliable support team.
  • The vendor offers a wide range of products; hence they are one of the best kratom vendors.
  • Easy to order products and navigate the site.
  • The site has a good reputation among online shoppers; hence it is trustworthy.


  • Some customers complain about delayed orders.

8. The Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot is the best kratom vendor when it comes to energy products. The California-based vendor offers over thirty kratom products at relative rates and boasts of being one of the best online kratom sellers.  They claim that they offer chemical-free products giving their customers the best experience when they consume their products.

The vendor allows you to buy Kratom in bulk if you like keeping a large stock at home. You can choose from a wide variety of strains such as Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Kale, Green Thai, White Sumatra, and more.

Their prices are also very competitive and you can enjoy free shipping for goods worth $50 and above.  The online Kratom vendor accepts payment through different methods of payment. Popular methods of transactions include Visa and MasterCard.

When it comes to a return guarantee, the vendor offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can claim a refund when you return a product that you don’t like.

Best Kratom Vendor – Where can I buy kratom?

You must get the exact quality product you order from your preferred Kratom vendor. However, determining a high-quality product might be an appalling task, especially for fast-time buyers.

So how do you buy the best Kratom? In case you are stuck, this section will help you by answering this question.

But first, you need to be aware of various factors before making a purchase. These factors include:

  • Color:  Old or stale Kratom is usually brown. When you hit your favorite store and see green, red, or bright white Kratom, don’t panic, the powder possesses these colors when it’s still fresh. You must buy regular powders, usually in these traditional colors, to avoid buying the substandard product.
  • Textures: Kratom is usually a very fine powder, not unless there are impurities. So, the finer the powder, the better the quality.

Best Kratom Vendors: How to Identify a Reliable Kratom Vendor

Like any other industry, the market is full of good and rogue business. You must buy safe and quality products for effectiveness and protect you from hazardous side effects. How do you determine whether you are dealing with a good Kratom vendor?


Kratom vendors usually get their kratom from exporters. It is hard for a rouge supplier to disclose their Kratom’s source. This should be a red flag. A responsible supplier should know the source of their raw materials to boost the consumer’s confidence.

Genuine Kratom mostly grows in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Myanmar. Most top-rated vendors get their kratom from these regions.


It is important to make sure that the vendor you are buying your Kratom from guarantees their product’s quality.  Most reliable vendors will provide a money-back guarantee and the assurance of a refund on your purchase if you don’t like the product.

However, note that the guarantee doesn’t matter so long as there are enough reasons for the kratom vendor to believe in the product and substantiate that it is of high quality and safe for consumption.


Looking for what individuals say about the vendor will help in identifying a good seller. These reviews may not be 100% reliable as people who are not on good terms with the firm may want to soil its image by giving a negative review. However, you can still make decisions by reading the vendor’s general review as you look for the best place to buy your Kratom capsules or powder.

When a kratom supplier has a horrible reputation with the lowest rating in reviews on almost every platform, the chances are high that something is wrong with their services. On the other hand, if a kratom vendor has positive reviews on multiple sites, they are likely to have quality products Kratom; hence, they can be trusted.


Moving on, a good online Kratom vendor should publicly display their test results online for everyone to see. They should also submit their products to third-party labs for unbiased and in-depth laboratory testing to prove that they offer the best in the market.

The vendor should also have certificates of genuineness and signatures that can easily be accessed on their website.  These websites also need to incorporate certificates or lab reports in every batch they distribute to their final consumer.

Finally, you can tell if you are buying Kratom from a good dealer or not by simply checking on their packing. Products from a trusted vendor should possess the following characteristics:

  • The product should possess a suitably earthy smell and taste.
  • Unique packaging to maintain freshness and quality.
  • A good product should be dated and should have a long shelf life.
  • The powder should not be excessively fine:  always look for a thicker and greener Kratom.

Best Kratom Vendors: Final Word

The best kratom vendors (such as our top pick – New Dawn Kratom) go the extra mile to ensure that they offer the best products hence improving the consumer experience. However, you need to do some due diligence and ensure that your preferred vendor is who they say they are.

We hope that the information has been helpful and that you can now confidently find a good kratom vendor where you can buy your preferred Kratom strain at ease. Kindly remember that excessive consumption of these products has some side effects on your body.

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