15 Best Places to Buy Guns Online: Top Gun Websites and Shops in USA (2021 Edition)


Buying a gun online can be a tricky business that comes with a host of problems. 

Avoid this with the help of our top 15 list, featuring the best places to buy guns online. We’ve vetted each shop with over 30+ hours of research in order to find the best gun shops with free shipping options, large selections, and great customer support. Included is a guide with FAQs on how to buy guns to ensure your transaction is safe and successful.

Best Online Gun Stores: First Look

  1. Smith and Wesson – Best for self protection (no middlemen) 
  2. Brownells – Largest quality gun store (best rifles and shotguns)
  3. Guns.com – Used guns and collectables (best deals)
  4. Thompson Center Arms –  Best for game hunting 
  5. FaxonFirearms – Best for dealers, OEM (Automatic upgrades) 
  6. Palmetto State Armory – Fair deals
  7. Gritr– Overlooked Gem (Rifles still in stock)
  8. Gunbroker – Cheap auctions and rare finds (backup)
  9. Sportsman’s Warehouse – Best for first timers (backup)
  10. Rainier Arms – High-end show pieces (backup)
  11. Rifle Gear – Best for California (backup)
  12. EuroOptics – Best for snipers (backup)
  13. Kentucky Gun Company – Largest online guns store (back up)

1. Smith and Wesson – Best Pistols For Self Defense 

Few iconic gun producers have moved to online stores and even fewer keep stock up. Smith & Wesson’s online feed sums up why you should buy online. You can scroll through around 100 of the most coveted Firearms, decorated in intricate engravings, glossy SandalWood, and deep buttery metal. I suggest looking, at least out of curiosity and reverence. 

5th Amendment Smith & Wesson powered American independence from the british. Today you can see their dedication to freedom and security by how they have 3x the amount of guns in Home Defense and Concealed Carry than in Hunting/Recreation and Competition Shooting. 

Their M&P 9mm is so reliable and powerful that it’s the most widely used Pistol in the US police force. In a way, this could mean our government considers S&W the most reliable, powerful, and well rounded glock for self protection and security. 

Free Lifetime Repairs S&W will repair their guns free of charge as long as it is still owned by the original buyer. A testament to quality, but also a way to show off their expertise. A site which offers onsite gunsmithing shows an understanding and respect for craftsmanship. You can be sure these places aren’t random people who just decide to make an online store.   


  • Empowered USA in the Revolutionary war 
  • No middle man, cheapest place to buy S&W
  • Largest Supplier of US Police 
  • Lifetime repairs 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Dealer Friendly 


  • Significantly less Hunting and Competition options 

2. Brownells – Best For Rifles and Shotguns 

Brownells is an online sporting and hunting arms dealer that’s been around for over 80 years and employs veterans, gunsmiths, and former LEOs. They take pride in their craft and ensure their products with two guarantees. One being the manufacturer guarantee, the other being a “personal forever” warranty. 

The company has a significantly larger catalog than S&W, with approximately 1,375 firearms available (we recommend not purchasing from a company with over 15,000 options because they lose sight of quality, and often say things are instock that aren’t). They have virtually every Rifle and Shotgun that’s still being produced, including automatic and black powder. 

It’s a great place for someone who knows what they want because of all of the filters like: price, schematics, brand, cartridge, capacity, barrel length, finish, mag type, available outside us, ect.  

Instock Many automatic hunting rifles can be hard to find at peak times. Brownells caters to the hunting community and has a large stock of rifles and shotguns. Use the ‘instock’ feature to only view available guns.  In the event every online gun shop is out, go to the website and send the chat now a message asking about backording. 


  • Forever Warranty
  • Two-day shipping
  • Most major manufacturers and brands
  • Returns through retail stores 
  • Available outside the US 
  • Made in USA 
  • Filter by in stock 
  • Optics
  • Backordering


  • Ammunitions non-returnable

3. Guns.com – Best Used Guns and Collectables

Guns.com is a used gun store with the angle that they inspect and quote all guns. We recommend going through somewhere that does this if you go the second-hand route, it will decrease the chances of getting a dud. If you plan to purchase a discounted gun for use, you want them to inspect how it fires and how much wear the barrel has.

The “collectors corner” offers good quality finds that aren’t easy to locate elsewhere and they go through inspection to ensure the gun is as it says. 

Online scams during times of peak demand many stores that allow individuals to sell their used guns have been criticised for the scams that have taken place through them. We select guns.com because of their inspection, but if you choose to go through another site watch out for multiples of the same listing, or unreasonably good deals. 


  • Collector’s items available
  • Well-reputed inspection


  • New gun sales are final

4.Thompson Center– Best Bolt Action Rifles 

Thompson Center is a notorious gun manufacturer known in the hunting and game world for their bolt action rifle. They are to thank for much of the improvements in game hunting. Many of their personal rifles come with a Minute Of Angle guarantee (three shots in one inch at 100 yards, with premium ammunition). And their weather shield tech is why certain peoples guns never rust and lose their luster. 

Repairs and Warranties Sporting rifles require the most repairs, and this is where buying online gets tricky. Many online gun stores are not manufactures but present a lifetime warranty. 

If you go to get repairs or even return an item they will often tell you to go through the brand. 

Repairs are done in Massachusetts which can be a long way to ship but it is incredibly convenient compared with other options. 


  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Firearm Selector Quiz 
  • Easy returns


  • All repairs done through in Massachusetts

5. Faxon Firearms – Best Ar and Pistol Parts

Faxon has put parts on Mars, the bottom of the ocean, and our national defense. They are a twist that originated as a technology company, and gained notoriety for inventing the ARAK-21 which combines the AR-15 and AK-47’s best features. 

They are known for their AR and pistol barrels but they have my favorite accessories, rimfire and ARAK-12. Because they are so well known, they sell out quickly. 

Out of Stock Faxon can be hard to purchase through in peak times and doesn’t accept backorders. For a higher possibility of finding a high powered rifle find an L.O.A.D (Large Online Arm Dealer) like a Brownells and Guns.com


  • Maker of ARAK-21
  • Dealer Friendly
  • OEM manufacture


  • Often sold out 

6. Palmetto State Armory – Constant Sales

Palmetto’s mission is to put as many guns in as many hands of law abiding Americans as possible. They are a huge online gun store that is always in stock, and makes profit by selling cheaply to mass amounts of people. Very good choice for always out of stock items, plus they have their own section. 

It’s a mixed bag. You can find a variety of deals on never used firearms, but not everything is a substantial deal. If you are purchasing old models I suggest Guns.com first. With that said, many people do swear by Palmetto’s value for the money. And they are currently one of the fastest growing arms dealers in the usa.

Discount Warning Alway check if the online gun dealer that markets itself as cheap comes with a warranty. If not, there’s a reason. Check their return rate. Check everything. For our list we made sure to include these but others might not, Palmetto only returns or repairs less than 1% of the time and they offer a lifetime warranty. 


  • Value for money
  • Wide selection
  • 99% no repair/return ratio 


  • Old models are cheaper through second hand sites 

7. GRITR – Overlooked Automatic Rifle 

This is another online gun store that sells multiple different brands like Sig Sauer, Kimber, CMMG, Ruger, Springfield Armory, and hundreds more. Their largest selection is definitely in pistols but they also may be one of the best places to buy Automatics at times. 

High Powered Rifles Gritr is also a shooting range. They don’t see too many Automatics and so people don’t think to look for them there even though they have mostly the same inventory. When I buy to resell, I go through Gritr, because it’s largely overlooked (making it a good bet for sold out items). 

If you still can not find a certain gun, look for other L.O.A.D gun shops online (large online arms dealer).


  • Multiple brands
  • Rewards Program 
  • Easy exchanges 
  • Gunsmithing 


  • Less options for Automatics 
  • Warranty through manufacture 

9. Gunbroker – Cheap Auctions and Rare Finds 

Gunbroker is the equivalent of an online gun show mixed with eBay. It can be a nice place to find Collectables and budget guns. Personally I would recommend a company that inspects the item first like Guns.com but not having that may save you a small percentage. 

You can buy firearms outright, but most bargains and collector items will be up for auction. Is it the most reliable place? They try. But they can’t police thousands of individual sellers. You can find many gems, but without the guarantee that a shop like Brownells offers. 


  • Always in stock 
  • Cheapest place to buy handguns, AR-15, and shotguns
  • Must purchase guarantee through guns.com 
  • Credit cards not accepted

10. Sportsman’s Warehouse – Best for First-Timers

Sportsman’s Warehouse is a wilderness store that has become a top-selling gun store with a fanbase all over the USA. The biggest pro is the number of stores across the country, including its conglomerates such as Bass Pro, Cabelas, and ect.

If you have a warranty and something goes wrong when you’re far away, you can take the item to a retailer near you. The store assists with repairs, returns, CA tax, or FFL issues once purchased online. Note that there’s a policy against returning firearms directly in the store.


  • National brand
  • Brick and mortar stores to handle problems


  • Inventory is often low in-person
  • Few Luxury handguns 

11. Rainier Arms – High-end Show Pieces

Rainier Arms offers customers high-end firearms, parts, and accessories. They have bolt head spacing and A2 front sight service, which indicates they cater to tactical rifles. A single visit to the website shows they have a soft spot for semi-automatic firearms. 

Their guns are beautiful, both in craftsmanship and custom artwork. Many people engrave their piece and keep it in the front of their cabinet as a showpiece or competition gun. 


  • AR-15 dominant 
  • Gunsmithing services 
  • Elite craftsmanship 
  • Blemished section for imperfect parts 
  • Small sale section 
  • Customization services are affordable


  • Not for first-timers
  • Sells out quickly 

12. Rifle Gear – Best for California 

Rifle Gear Online has an impressive stock of the best hand and long guns on the market. Gunsmithing services, cheap used guns, optics, accessories, and more are available.

While they sell used guns, they are refurbished through the company, making this a more reliable place to find cheap used rifles and pistols.

For California residents, Rifle Gear’s website offers a “CA legal” search engine for discovering which handguns and rifles are acceptable in the state. The customer service team can also help with any questions, or you can head into one of their in-store locations.


  • California legal section 
  • New or used guns 
  • Brick and mortar stores across CA


  • Email responses may take 48 hours 
  • Smaller company
  • Sells out quickly 

13. EuroOptics – Good Store for Snipers 

This is possibly the best place to purchase high-end scopes. You’ll find loads of Desert Tech and Accuracy International gear, along with military-powered rifles and rare finds.

They have layaway, too, if you really want a ton of gear but shouldn’t buy it right away. 


  • Great scope selection 
  • Gunsmithing available
  • Hold/reserve items with 20 percent down


  • Must ship to billing address

14. Kentucky Gun Company – Biggest Online Gun Dealer 

Kygunco is the biggest online gun store with over 15,000 firearms for sale. They are some of the last to have stock during peak times, and shipping takes around 5-7 business days.

It’s a good choice for someone who knows what they want, sort by brand, caliber, barrel size, finish, etc. Indecisive people are out of luck, though, and canceled warehouse items are charged a 10 percent restock fee. 

Pricing is competitive, and it’s not the cheapest option on our list. If you want a high-quality gun, you can receive a 3 percent discount upon checkout.


  • Class 3 and AR-15s available
  • Military discount 
  • Delivery to anyone with an FFL (federal firearms license)
  • Efficient filtering options


  • “Warehouse only” items take an additional week for shipping
  • Slow shipping 
  • Billing and shipping address must match submitted ID

Pros and Cons of Buying Guns Online

Buying guns online is a modern luxury, but keep these things in mind:


  • Prices are much cheaper online
  • Greater selection
  • You don’t lose the warranty when you move 
  • No tax for out-of-state vendors


  • You don’t get to test out your firearm of choice
  • Shipping can take over two weeks

Tips for Buying a Gun Online

You’ll first want to start with knowing exactly which gun you want and finding a store accordingly. Upon checkout, you’ll be asked to input the information of the closest FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer near you, as this is where the company will ship the gun. 

For accessories, your billing address is the only address they will ship to. If you’re from California or a Democratic-leaning state, it’s best to choose a store like Rifle Gear that’ll only show firearms allowed in your state.

When your gun arrives at the FFL location of choice, the process to obtain the weapon is the same as buying in person. For first-timers, here’s how to arrange a pickup with your closest FFL:

  • Contact your chosen FFL and let them know you’re shipping a firearm to them.
  • Check the pickup service fee (likely between $25 and $75).
  • Provide the mailing or email address of the online retailer. The FFL will need to send proof of their license.

Some states like California will still collect taxes on firearms through your chosen FFL, unfortunately. Some FFLs will charge high fees because they lose money when you buy online, instead of their store, and spend time helping you transfer.

Do You Need a Background Check?

Yes, the FFL dealer will give you a background check before completing the transaction. Even if you walked into the local shop and bought a gun in person, a background check is still necessary.

What Will Prevent You from Purchasing a Firearm?

If any of the following conditions apply to you, you won’t be able to purchase a gun legally. Your FFL dealer will deny you immediately.

  • You were convicted of a crime and have served over one year in prison.
  • You’re a fugitive.
  • You’re recognized by law as an addict of a controlled substance.
  • You’re in the United States illegally.
  • You were discharged from the military dishonorably.
  • You’ve renounced your United States citizenship 
  • You have a restraining order against you.
  • You were under indictment for a crime punishable for over a year in prison

If you’re a law-abiding citizen, you should qualify to own a gun legally.

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