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TikTok Star AvaBamby Tackles Copyright Protection


Ava Bamby is an entrepreneur, content creator, and cat lover. She is a social media sensation with over 1.5 million followers on TikTok. She is also an emergency medical technician, licensed pilot, and public safety diver.

Like many other young girls, she grew up with the aspiration to become a model and an actress but ended in a rather unexpected path. She graduated three years ago from a strict military college with honors on top of her class. Ava Bamby chose to abandon her set path as a government worker and military officer to focus on being a content creator. She, however, had to pay back the tens of thousands of dollars invested in her in the form of a scholarship as a result of the withdrawal.

She combined her interest in dance, cosplay, and acting, blending them perfectly to grow her new career. She grew from zero to one million followers on social media in less than a month and became a huge online sensation. She is now entirely focusing on social media content creation where she creates original photos and video content for various platforms to keep her fanbase entertained.

Ava Bamby has constantly fallen victim to copyright infringement which has been a significant challenge in her content creation career. This has pushed her to strive and find a way out. She has since embarked on a journey to establish a company to help her tackle the issue of copyright infringement head-on. Ava Bamby (@avabamby) believes that she is not the only victim of copyright infringement, as many of her creator friends are also subject to the illegal distribution of their content. According to her, content creators have their privacy violated and their intellectual property rights abused every single day and yet there are no strict measures to protect them.

Her newly built proprietary technology will take down digital copyright infringement and any personal information leaks and be able to track down the origin of the leak. Besides using technology for tackling copyright infringement, Ava Bamby has also partnered with law enforcement worldwide to take criminal action against such violators. She aims to push for government policy changes to protect the internet world full of copyright infringement and personal information abuse.

There are plenty of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) companies out there, but none are trying to hold the infringers and leakers accountable. Such loopholes have made it common for people to share another person’s content without permission since they do not think of any consequences. Her company seeks to change that by showing that there are severe consequences for copyright infringement.

Being a content creator, Ava Bamby aspires to continue entertaining and engaging her ever-growing fanbase. She is also passionate about fighting gender biases and seeks to create awareness of specific types of discrimination against women and the stigma associated with women’s expression of their sexuality. Ava Bamby laments that she is often mistaken as a desperate attention seeker due to her full-bosomed chest. Being a young female entrepreneur makes it even worse and she is constantly objectified and stereotyped. Surprisingly, she does not receive such negativity from men alone. Most of it comes from other women regardless of what she wears.

She advises fellow content creators that they can never please everyone. Some people will still manage to hate you no matter how hard you try to please them. It will help to focus on those who support you and be happy with the content you create.

You can get more information about Ava Bamby and the content she creates for her fan base on her official website.