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How Jeff Lerner can inspire you to greatness after hitting rock bottom


Losing everything with nothing left in his name built the name Jeff Lerner into what it is today. In his words, “I accepted the gift of rock bottom and worked like I had nothing left to lose because I didn’t.” He formally trained as a jazz musician who somehow found himself immersed in a huge debt that he had no idea how to pay. However, he never stopped forging ahead, and at the age of 29, in 2008, he struck gold, which set the tone for how his life has turned out more than a decade later.

Jeff Lerner didn’t have much going for him as a jazz musician, which made him try his hands on various business ventures. None of the ventures was successful, and in a bid to keep trying his hands-on business, he bought into a restaurant franchise that sent him into a debt of $500,000. At this point, rather than give up, Jeff Lerner turned those setbacks around and found success in the world of online business. Eighteen months later, he was debt-free and was on his way to building a name that would have a resounding impact on people’s lives.

Between 2008 and 2018, Jeff Lerner has built multiple 8-figure businesses, won multiple business awards, and made the INC 5000 twice. He decided to establish a platform to give back to the people in 2008, and ENTRE Institute came to life. At ENTRE Institute, he teaches people about his “digital real estate” approach to online business, which he claims helped him succeed. He hosts “Millionaire Secrets,” a fast-growing podcast being streamed by millions of people worldwide. His YouTube and Facebook videos have more than 15 million views where he shares impactful and effective business secrets and strategies that can take anyone from failure to success. Some of his guests include Evan Carmichael and Grant Cardone, and other successful entrepreneurs.

Enjoying a decade of success changed his mindset. Jeff Lerner decided to educate and inspire entrepreneurs about how powerful running a business empire is in today’s economy. More than 100,000 students have enrolled at ENTRE Institute and have excelled in the business world. Jeff Lerner is regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in personal and business development. He takes on media appearances and speaking events, and any other activities that allow him to show the world the skills they need to navigate life and the business world. He is currently working on his first full-length book titled “Millionaire Secrets: Things Rich People Know But Don’t Tell You.”

Living a life that many would have called a failure changed everything for Jeff Lerner. It was the most difficult part of his life, and it’s why he strives to give back knowledge and strategies so that other budding entrepreneurs won’t make the same mistakes he made. Through ENTRE Institute, thousands of people have undergone business training and empowerment, and the number keeps increasing. “I want to empower people to achieve physical, personal, and professional excellence through entrepreneurial education,” Jeff says.

His family inspires him, and he says he does everything for them. For the next few years, his goal is to build ENTRE Institute into the top-choice institute to learn entrepreneurship. He wants everyone out there to never give up on their dreams. “In today’s world, why wouldn’t one follow their profession? With modern technology and education, any dream can become a successful career. Just remember to always stay dedicated, work hard, and strive for excellence,” he notes.

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