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How To Properly Care For Hair With Ju Poppin Products


While healthy and shiny hair is something that can truly make a person stand out from the crowd, a lot of people do not know how to properly care for their hair. The proper care needed for hair to shine at its absolute best can make a person more confident and boost self-esteem. Ju Poppin has made it its goal to introduce hair care products that bring back healthy hair.

Ju Poppin is a popular new brand in the beauty world. It was launched by Gillian Garcia, a hairstyling expert, entrepreneur, content creator, educator, and philanthropist. Her expertise in hairstyling and unmatched skills has made it possible for Gillian to be featured in elite magazines like Oprah and Essence. Ju Poppin has a constantly growing YouTube Channel with over 100k subscribers

Before Gillian began her career as a hairstylist, she did not have any aspirations of being a hairstylist. However, she felt that it was her calling to become a hairstyler when she was introduced to it. Gillian came to America from Trinidad and Tobago in 1993 with only 50 dollars and a Big Dream.

She faced a lot of problems and found it difficult at times to keep going. But through God’s grace and her will, she was able to push through and find a career that she was truly passionate about. The greatest lesson she ever learned was to trust the process and in God’s timing because even when she did not have plans for herself, God had plans for her. Because of her trust, she was able to believe in the process and keep going. Ju Poppin was the culmination of her faith and several years of hard work.

The motto of Ju Poppin is to make people look good and feel good. Through hair care products, the brand is establishing itself as a leader in the beauty industry. Gillian received her initial education from a hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad. She also attended mastermind classes with Natalie Ledwell, Grant Cardone, and Marisa Peer.

While she was acquiring the skills to start her own business, Gillian also spent her time giving back to the community, enjoying gospel music, and indulging in action movies. Ju Poppin was the result of years of hard work and dedication. All members of the Ju Poppin team are trained professionals who are knowledgeable in styling hair and caring for the health of the hair.

Products for styling and chemically treating hair are found everywhere. However, it is hard to find natural and authentic products for healthier hair. Gillian makes sure any new product from Ju Poppin is made from high-quality raw materials and ingredients.

The top three best-selling products of Ju Poppin are its Hair Growth Oil, Scalp Healing Mist, and Vitamin E oil. Gillian ensures that the ingredients needed for these products are sourced from the best places around the world.

The Hair Growth Oil improves the scalp’s ability to produce healthy hair. Its ingredients include English lavender, black cumin seed, and ylang-ylang. All these nurture the scalp and prevent it from shedding hair. The Scalp Healing Mist Spray is necessary for the treatment of common scalp issues and causes of scalp inflammation and irritation. Vitamin E oil from Ju Poppin strengthens the hair by preventing split ends and reducing frizz. With every new product, the brand aims to delight beauty lovers and bring back healthy hair.

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