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Luca Schnetzler Launches Netz Capital to Help Brands Grow


For years, Angel investment has been an easy way for investors to grow their businesses. Its popularity has grown immensely and captured the attention of a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start revolutionary businesses. Angel investment allows investors to provide the much-needed initial investment to a start-up to grow and realize its potential. Luca Schnetzler, a professional footballer, playing with the German club Hertha BSC, is attracted to angel investing. He has paid close attention to the various investment options available, and angel investing has proven to be more appealing to him than others.

Luca sees so much potential in the business and has launched Netz Capital to help start-ups grow and realize their potential. Netz capital is an angel investment firm focused on tech start-ups and brands that sell directly to customers. With the world shifting to the digital era, Luca makes the right investment decisions and with his bold moves, he plans to make more future fortunes. Netz Capital does an extensive analysis of all the businesses they love to invest in before making the decision.

Netz Capital has made investments in various tech start-ups that they believe can scale a lot in the coming years. For instance, Social Snowball, one of the companies funded by Netz Capital, is tremendously growing and will soon be a household name in the tech industry. Snowball is an affiliate marketing app designed to help companies gain and grow their business networks. Affiliate marketing is the new way of turning customers into a marketing team, bringing in new customers. When loyal customers are given a chance to earn a percentage of every sale you make, they become your affiliates who drive traffic to you. These affiliates have access to unique links that include tracking codes. These codes are essential for any online business to know how their affiliate marketing campaign is working.

So how does affiliate marketing help businesses?

Well, every business person knows that the number of customers matters most to their business. Affiliate marketing offers exactly this.

With Affiliate marketing, you can,

  • Know the product each affiliate has sold. Thus, you will be paying for a marketing service that you have seen produce results.
  • Total revenue generated by the affiliates so that you can understand if the affiliate marketing campaign is effective. Remember, it is the numbers that matter most, and you need to have correct records of the marketing campaign’s outcome to determine its profitability.

Affiliate marketing is also an affordable marketing strategy that any business can quickly use.

Other tech businesses where Netz Capital has made an investment include Chirpish, a customer service and support company that helps companies to grow their relationship with clients, and Steam Commerce, an e-commerce business to scale your dropshipping.

Netz Capital is planning on more exciting investments in the future as it believes that new businesses usually fail due to the lack of angel investments. They plan on identifying new winners and investing in them to earn huge future returns.