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Famous New York Jeweler Leo Glore Makes Reality Show Debut


Recent years have witnessed a surge in the demand for custom-made jewelry. The majority of jewelry shoppers seek to get a personalized piece to express their taste. The demand has also led to the rise of custom jewelry stores as entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on the market gap. This has led to high competition in the market, providing buyers with a variety of options. However, the best and skilled jewelry makers stand out in the market and it is possible for customers to quickly identify them.

At the top of the New York jewelry industry is Leon Glore, an American entrepreneur known for his unique sense of fashion. Leo, as he is often called, runs Glore Jewelry, a popular jewelry store in New York. His unique designs and taste for jewelry have helped him create a name for his brand in the highly competitive market.

At 30, Leo has been in the jewelry business for nearly 11 years now. He started his business at 19. He has grown and improved his skills and is now among the top jewelers in the world. He caters to a massive client base that includes celebrities like Scott Disick, Alec monopoly, 50 cent, Meek Mill, and the Kardashians. Leo loves luxury, which is evident from his pictures on Instagram. Being a person who enjoys luxury, Leo loves collecting cars and his garage has several luxury cars including Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 488, and Rolls Royce Ghost. He is getting an Aventador SV soon.

Leo gained more recognition when he was featured on the season 5 of “Below Deck Mediterranean”, a famous reality TV show. The show was making a comeback on Bravo for its fifth season and needed to add someone who will add more style with their lifestyle and living. Below Deck Mediterranean is a well-known TV show for the portrayal of different cultures, luxury items like big yachts, beautiful destinations, and guests for each new season. The opportunity to feature on the show came from his friendship with Justin Thornton and Leo proved to be the right guest for the fifth season. His appearance on the show brought him to the limelight and he garnered more attention from audiences around the world. It is believed that he will become a regular guest on the show as his character resonated well with the audience.

Leo has also become a social media sensation attracting attention on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He enjoys a massive following across the different platforms and adds more new followers on a regular basis. His Instagram profile, in particular, attracts a lot of interest as it is filled with beautiful pictures of various high-end luxury items and stunning destinations. Leo’s lifestyle has made him be considered as the Jewelry King on Instagram.

Being a hard worker with a focus to achieve bigger things in life, Leo is working hard to to maintain his position at the top of the jewelry industry. He has already established a brand that resonates well with the public and wants to be consistent as he scales his brand to greater heights.

You can get in touch with Leo on Instagram for more details about him and how you can own a custom jewelry piece from Glore Jewelry.