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Holly Meyer Lucas: An Inspirational Journey from Humble Beginnings to Attaining Massive Success


The greatest success stories start from humble beginnings. With grit and determination, coupled with a little motivation and tenacity, you can always climb your way to the top. Never the one to back down from a challenge, self-described “hustler” Holly Meyer Lucas reflects on her inspirational journey to massive success.

Holly, a b​aseball wife turned nationally recognized real-estate agent, knows a thing or two about hard work. Having put herself through college, Holly Meyer Lucas immediately took up sales of medical software. “It was a job that demanded a lot of travel and hard work, but it taught me the foundation of earning success,” says Holly. “It was lucrative, but after I met my husband, it wasn’t sustainable anymore.”

Understanding that there is more to life and believing that we can build the lives of our dreams, Holly launched her own real-estate business in Jupiter, FL, and has never looked back since. A natural-born leader with a mentality to do whatever it takes, Holly is on track to exceed $100 million worth of deals in 2021. “Our focus is luxury real estate, and when you work in that market, it’s a hands-on job 24/7,” explains Holly. “It truly drives your focus toward seeking opportunities everywhere you go.”

K​nown for her detailed and high-end work in the sports & entertainment niche, Holly Meyer Lucas takes things a step forward by mentoring other professionals and contributing to industry publications. “Knowledge is power,” states Holly. “Agents are always eager to join our team because we are committed to mentoring those on this journey with us.”

Holly has certainly built an empire today, and she wholeheartedly acknowledges the fantastic work of the Meyer Lucas Real Estate Team. “I believe in the power of leadership,” says Holly. “Our team represents the value we provide, and that is top-notch.” With six years in the business, Holly Meyer Lucas is just getting started and continues her incredible journey closing one deal at a time.