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Jake Shaw On His Passion For Helping New Artists Reach Their Maximum Potential


The internet has made many things possible. One area it has made a tremendous impact on is the music industry. Today, music has evolved from phonographs, turntables, cassettes, and CDs into purely digital form. In fact, one of the hallmarks of the 90’s internet was pirating music on the iconic (and defunct) Napster!

The concept of MP3s and digital music is here to stay, and Jake Shaw capitalized on this evolution and its global demand. A native of Blackpool, England, Jake launched the online music promotion agency YourOwnMusic in 2015. He has a unique vision for this agency which helps artists reach a broader audience. Jake’s inspiration is the simple fact that he loves all genres of music, and has a passion for helping new artists reach their maximum potential.

Today, Jake is the biggest independent Spotify playlist curator in the U.K., and he boasts an online following of over 1 million people. For those who aren’t familiar with Spotify, it is one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms. As of December 2020, Spotify had over 345 million monthly active users, including 155 million paying subscribers. The service offers digital copyright-restricted music for a very low monthly fee, making it an attractive option for those who want a large catalog of music.

With his immense online following, Jake Shaw has a significant footprint is this international juggernaut. Yet, YourOwnMusic has a promotional model built purely on organic growth. This is a must for artists trying to grow their fan-base, as organic growth means real listeners (and not bots). There is no greater form of advertising than word of mouth, as one person mentions an artist to another. Jake’s large online following makes this process rather efficient, enabling him to generate large new audiences for all of his clients.

If you are looking for some great new music, Jake Shaw’s playlists are definitely something to consider. Head over to these pre-populated playlists, and you will likely find at least one new favorite artist from these carefully curated lists of musicians.


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