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Qiwi Corp Promises Their Consumers the Highest quality at the best price


Building a loyal customer base is not easy. And making one amidst a raging pandemic is what many may call a fool’s dream. But often, it’s the fools and the misfits who defy what is normal and steer the world towards its next possibility. The year 2020 brought the shutters down on many start-ups, shops, and entrepreneurial ventures. Yet, a few seemed to rise above the surface, hold their head high and ultimately ride the tide of success. One such company is Qiwi Corp, a niche CBG pre-rolls company that has created a loyal customer base by promising and providing only the highest quality products at the best prices. Here’s their story.

Qiwi Corp was founded in February 2020 by Joshua Gomez. Headquartered in Miami, the company’s business guideline is dictated by its “aggressive dedication to innovation that brings the highest quality to life,” as per CEO Joshua. Qiwi Corp happens to be the first major CBG pre-roll company in the market and has already become synonymous with offering the best value in terms of milligrams/dollar and highest pre-roll dosage at 111 mg per stick and 2220 mg per 20 pc pack. According to Joshua, the reason for the company’s skyrocketing success is its use of organic rice paper and top-shelf CBG hemp flower. No pesticides, no solvents, and no shake/trim/seeds/stems is the promise of Qiwi Corp.

Qiwi Corp has spent a significant amount of time and effort to bring an authentic experience to the palate of its consumers. Although they released their 130 mg CBD cigarette in August last year, they continued their research on improving the filter and flower quality and released its new variant, the 111 mg CBG in January 2021. While they continuously strive to improve the quality of their products, Qiwi Corp is equally committed to the environment. They already have a carbon-neutral footprint, and hope to become carbon-negative as the business grows.

As the company attempts to replace tobacco cigarettes with its CBG pre-rolls, Qiwi Corp aims to play its part in reducing tobacco addiction among people and give them healthier options to continue their lifestyle. Their USP is the effort they put into bringing only the best to the table. They guarantee that once you hold a Qiwi Corp product in your hand, you can rest assured that it has passed all their quality checks with utmost precision. We hope and wish Qiwi Corp all the best for the year ahead.