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Stefanie Kogler’s Inspiring Journey of Rising & Thriving Against All Odds


Ever since she was a young girl, Stefanie Kogler had one dream: to be a professional golfer. People in her homeland of Austria dismissed Stefanie’s dreams as the fantasies of a child. Her country was a nation of skiers, not golfers; what chance did she have to make it on the pro golf circuit?

Although shy, Stefanie was naturally tenacious since childhood and refused to be dissuaded in her ambition. She spent every day practicing and pursuing her goal. When not practicing, she dreamed of how golf would enable her to lead a better life elsewhere. Her endeavor and motivation eventually led her to the United States where she continued to follow her golfing dream.

As she progressed through the ranks, Stefanie’s watershed came when she was invited on to the Ladies European Tour and was seeded top 40 in Europe, but then disaster struck. Spinal issues forced a premature end to her golfing career and Stefanie was suddenly left high and dry, without an occupation or a career.

When faced with a similar situation, many would have sunk into a quagmire of depression and despondency, but Stefanie is cut from a different cloth. Showing the same resilience, innovation, and resourcefulness that stood her in such good stead in the world of golf, Stefanie leaped feet first into a completely different field: the beauty industry.

“From a professional athlete to entrepreneur may sound a dramatic transition, but you’d be surprised how many skills translate well from the world of sport to the world of business,” explained Stefanie. “If you’re a goal-orientated person who’s always challenging themselves, that works well in any field. The biggest change for me personally was to become a team player. I’ve always been quite a reserved person and on the golf course, you’re on your own. But in business, you have to be a team player, otherwise you won’t get far.”

As someone who heads their own successful beauty and lifestyle company that prides itself on recommending the right beauty products to help women lead fuller and more content lives, Stefanie is a keen advocate in helping others become their own boss.

Stefanie adds, “I believe fiercely in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to build and sustain flourishing online businesses. This way of life has enabled me to become financially free and has provided me with a rewarding life after golf. I’d like to equip as many other people as possible with the tools to do the same.”

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