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“We must not let the global crisis hold us back,” Says Vince Tomé


Among many global economic, health, and societal interruptions, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused the most devastation in the form of unemployment, capital losses, and poverty world-over. Even though things are difficult at the moment, many experts from different industries believe that people must not let this crisis hold them back. One of them is the Michigan-based designer, Vincent Michael Tomé, also popularly known as Vince Tomé.

Vince Tomé, who’s the founder and owner of D&V Customs and Vincenzo Collection, puts it aptly, “We have the biggest lockdown man-kind has ever seen. In my opinion, we must look at this phase as an opportunity to try things we were hesitant about and perform activities we thought we couldn’t do. A few idle months in the life of a nation and an individual cannot be a reason for despair. It is essential to grow and persevere.” As someone who’s an eternal optimistic by nature, Tomé advises everyone to emerge stronger and more resilient and seek opportunity amidst adversity.

When speaking of what individuals and can learn during this period, Tomé shares that the first lesson to take from the whole situation is that it’s a temporary crisis and that the world isn’t coming to an end. People who are enduring difficult situations due to the pandemic need to stay resilient. Tomé gives a ray of hope and shares, “I acknowledge that businesses are going through a tough phase, and jobs are scarce. This is time to reassess, introspect, and adapt as the world grapples the pandemic. Vince said he is confident that humanity will conquer the pandemic, and that everyone should prepare for a bright future.

There are lessons to learn from Vince Tomé and his journey to starting D&V Customs as well as Vincenzo Collection. Having begun from rock bottom, the designer, in no time, has touched great heights. Now, he boasts having a range of high-profile clients, including Jeremy Cash, Jacob Hollister, Viviana Castrillon, Vera Almeida, Luciana Andrade, and Eva Quiala, among many others. The demand for his collection, his transformation, and overall growth is a reflection of how he converted numerous crises into windfalls.

As an ardent social media user with thousands of followers, Vince Tomé regularly puts out words of encouragement to cheer up the viewers. He speaks of how people and businesses must focus on growing through adversity and how positive transformations can improve relations with the community, increase personal strength, help identify new possibilities, and lead to an enhanced appreciation of life. He’s of the strong opinion that people will experience behavioral and lifestyle changes for good once they have surpassed the highly stressful adverse events like these.

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