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Why is Growth Mindset Important to Succeed? Abid Dharamsey Answers


It sometimes feels like we can only reach success if we have a certain amount of money or industry connections, but what if the key to success was something that we already had? Our mindset is something that we can use to control our perception and attitude towards the challenges that we face in life. Entrepreneur Abid Dharamsey believes that there is one mindset, in particular, that can lead us straight to success. According to Abid Dharamsey, the growth mindset is incredibly important to succeed in any endeavor we put our minds to.

Abid Dharamsey explains that the growth mindset refers to a person’s ability to see every obstacle and opportunity as a chance to grow and develop. In contrast to the fixed mindset, which sees a person avoid challenges and assume that they have nothing more to learn, the growth mindset treats every hurdle as a learning opportunity. Abid shares that the growth mindset is one that is adopted by industry leaders across the world, and it aids them in overcoming any issues that they face on their journey to success. Speaking of the importance of the growth mindset, Abid says, “Many things in life are out of our control, but our mindset and the way in which we perceive the things that happen to us is something that we all have full control over.”

Abid Dharamsey is the founder of Bison Creations, a digital marketing agency that provides solutions and strategies to brands who are striving to stand out online. Abid shares that it was by embracing the growth mindset that he scaled and expanded Bison Creations, as he stayed open to every opportunity for growth and expansion no matter what challenges came along with it.

When we strive for success, we often look outside of ourselves, but Abid Dharamsey believes that our greatest power and strength lies within.