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Gabe Adzich Reflects on Saint Francis High School’s Basketball Success


Dean Smith once said, “Basketball is more beautiful when all five players play with one heartbeat.”  Basketball is a game that requires precision passing, communication, and team chemistry. Basketball has been a popular sport for many decades now, with learning institutions everywhere adopting it as an extracurricular activity.

Gabe Adzich, an alumnus of Saint Francis High School, is a professional basketball player who has played since his high school days. Growing up, Adzich admired basketball, and it was his dream to become a player himself. Luckily, he got the opportunity to do so in high school, and quickly became one of his school’s best players. Together with his current team, Adzich has won the NIT Championship and is a member of the Big 12 Conference.

Saint Francis High school has a history in athletics, with most of its students and alumni having played in major leagues. The school has also won multiple championships. According to Adzich, the reason they have won so many championships is through teamwork. To win in basketball requires a strong team effort, discipline, and resilience.  Unless your team is united, then winning becomes almost impossible.

Just like any other team, they also experienced challenges on their way to success. The team has lost many games throughout its history, but they don’t let these losses demotivate them. What matters after failure is the courage to move on and the ability to view failures as learning experiences. Adzich says after each game they lost, they always came back stronger. Henotes that playing basketball taught him that it’s more about hard work than natural talent. Being talented in a certain field does not mean you can just relax and never practice. As the saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Behind every successful team is a group of adamant supporters, and Saint Francis High school ensured Adzich and his fellow teammates have never lacked anything. The school also had basketball experts who guided young players like Adzich and trained them to be better. Being a school that participates in a variety of sports, they had almost all of the necessary resources to properly support Adzich’s training.

Winning a basketball game requires a strategy. Adzich stresses the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your opponents. Analyzing what you did, especially after failure, prevents you from making the same mistakes. Adzich says having a working strategy was a major contributor to the success of their team. During practice, their coaches used that time to determine the areas they each excelled in and focused on those strengths.

Different people have different skill sets. To self-improve, you should be willing to learn from others. Adzich’s advice to young basketball players is not to let their ego get in their way and to know that practice makes perfect.

Looking back at where he started Adzich is rightfully proud of what he has achieved since. Not only was he able to realize his childhood dream, but the lessons he learned on the court have also helped him in many other aspects of his life.