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How COVID-19 Changes Allowed Dr. Roxy to Reach More Women


Ohio-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, or Dr. Roxy, is just one of the many industry professionals whose practice has been disrupted by the global pandemic. Dr. Roxy says she had to shut down her physical business for six weeks due to COVID-19. But now, nearly a year later, she says Roxy Plastic Surgery has become busier than ever before.

How did it happen? It’s simple, says Dr. Roxy. She tapped into the power of the internet to connect with even more women both in Ohio and around the world.

Dr. Roxy says the way ROXY Plastic Surgery regained its footing after the initial COVID speed bump was by offering more services online. She says they initially started by doing consults via email, which over doubled their consultations in a month. That’s because they made it easier for patients to have their consults without having to leave their house and take time off work or home-schooling their children. Dr. Roxy says she personally ensures these emails are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Her commitment to compliance is true not only for email correspondence but also for the virtual consultations she has with patients over the phone. But that’s not all. Dr. Roxy says both her and her team have also revved up their virtual care, helping them take better care of out-of-town patients.

Aside from official surgeon duties, Dr. Roxy says she spends her time educating her followers, mostly women, about what plastic surgery is all about. She says she does this creatively by using popular social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok. But what Dr. Roxy says sets her apart from other cosmetic surgeons who also use social media to educate their patients is how she also uses Snapchat, allowing followers to view entire surgeries every day. Dr. Roxy says by permitting people to watch live cosmetic surgeries, patients get a true understanding of how surgeries work, what to expect, and how to avoid risks.

“Social media really changed the game for plastic surgery. This gives us a chance to connect with our patients in a nonthreatening way – to educate, to answer their questions, and to teach them every day about procedures they are interested in,” she says.

With the success of ROXY Plastic Surgery during the pandemic, Dr. Roxy says she intends to implement these new policies permanently, or at least for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 forced her team to think more outside the box, and they did just that, she says. She believes the next best thing for ROXY Plastic Surgery is creating a philanthropic arm to help victims of human trafficking.

“We believe women should be free to choose their lives and be in charge of their own bodies all over the world,” says Dr. Roxy.

Through everything her practice has learned while experiencing a global health crisis, Dr. Roxy says she’s confident they will continue to help women reclaim the power of their own bodies and their lives. After all, she says ROXY Plastic Surgery will always be there to guide them every step of the way.