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Protesting Isn’t a Crime per West Coast Trial Lawyers


George Floyd’s death has caused a conversation about police brutality like never before in America. Protests around the county have brought Black Lives Matter into the public consciousness, and this has led to an awareness of how the police treat the people they’re supposed to protect. The lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers (WCTL) are highly sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement’s supporters and want to help their clients move the discourse forward.

Neama Rahmani is the President and Chief Executive Officer of WCTL. He spent years defending big organizations and corporations like Disney and the Catholic Church but realized that he wanted to work for the people. He feels strongly that the Black Lives Matter movement is transforming America. “No one should face violence just for being Black,” Neama said. “I’m willing to pursue lawsuits for my clients that will fight against police brutality.” Indeed, Neama recently filed a $10 million claim for a client who was hit by a rubber bullet at a protest about George Floyd’s death. “Protesting isn’t a crime, and my client wasn’t doing anything to hurt the police. Using rubber bullets was unfounded, and I can’t wait until we see our day in court.”

Allen Patatanyan is the firm’s co-founder, and he also feels strongly about helping Black people who have faced police brutality. “The way policing is done has gotten out of hand,” he said. “I hope that George Floyd’s trial will bring to light the horrible ways that the cops treated him and the fact that kneeling on his neck for so long really is murder.”

The staff at WCTL are passionate about helping everyday people from all walks of life. This includes marginalized people like protestors and Black individuals who have experienced police brutality.