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How to Leverage Social Media & Grow Your Brand, Alecksandro Rizzo Explains


After years of steady growth, the user base of social media has expanded to encompass over half of the currently living humans. Close to 4 billion people use social media at least once a month, which explains other seemingly impossible statistics, like the ones that say how many hours of content are uploaded every second. People and businesses use social media to consume and create content. They can do it for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is growing a brand.

Alecksandro Rizzo knows all about it. This social media entrepreneur is steadily establishing his status as an elite influencer, working with well-known brands. In the process, he’s getting his name out there, getting noticed, and building up his personal brand. With a large following on Instagram, Alecksandro is just the person to ask about leveraging social media for brand growth. Here are some tips he would offer.

Follow the Rules of the Platform

Every social network has its own set of rules. The ones that Alecksandro is aiming at here aren’t the ones from the Terms of Use or other legal agreements, though. They’re the best practices that other people who have managed to get a strong and loyal following are using—everything from posting consistently to learning how to use hashtags properly. Anyone who doesn’t do this probably won’t have the following to leverage into brand growth.

Know the Audience

The audience is the people who give online influencers their power. It can take an incredible amount of effort to build and maintain that audience. During that process, however, influencers can get a better understanding of the people who are following them. That understanding can help fuel decision-making later on, and even influence things around branding and brand development.

Be Professional

No one can do all of this on their own. A successful influencer needs to be recognized by audiences and brands alike. When it comes to working with brands, Alecksandro Rizzo says, “I try to do my work with the utmost professionalism, without ever sparing myself of any effort, always working to deliver perfect results.”

Have a Vision

When working to develop a brand, either for oneself or for another business, having a vision of where things might end up is very important. This vision is what serves as a guide and informs many decisions that have to be made along the way. Social media is really good for testing one’s vision because it delivers feedback very quickly, so leveraging that and the connections it provides is the closest to a guarantee of good results as one can get.

An influencer who can combine their vision with a professional demeanor, the ability to know and engage their audience, and a good understanding of the platform’s best practices can go a long way in establishing and growing a brand. Take it from Alecksandro Rizzo; he’s a master at it, and his best work is yet to come.